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Mammoth Books presents Religious Cabals

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The Dead Sea Scrolls
Why was it so important these documents should not be seen? What ancient historical secret was so big that it had to be buried forever?

Is this group of seemingly innocuous middle-aged men linked to almost every evil perpetuated? Are they really just an eccentric bunch of patriarchal do-gooders, or are they in fact sinister agents of satanic forces?

The Gunpowder Plot
Why is it that we reserve particular scorn for Guy Fawkes when there were six other men involved?

Knights Templar
The Knights Templar allegedly found the Holy Grail in their excavations of the temple in Jerusalem. Did they survive the cull of the 14th century and live on today as guardians of the Holy Grail?

Opus Dei
If Opus Dei’s only aims are charity and the ‘sanctifying of work’, why does it need its secretive independent status as a personal prelature?

Pope John Paul I
On the 26th August 1978 a new pope was elected. 33 days later this man was found dead, leaving an alarming trail of inconsistencies and seeming lies told by the Vatican themselves. Why was there no post-mortem, and why within twenty-four hours was his body embalmed?

The Priory of Sion
Does this French secret society protect the blood-line of Christ?

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
The truth behind the book in which powerful Jews supposedly set out the secret means to rule the Christian world.
The Rosicrucian’s
Does this philosophical secret society seek to take over the world?

Satanic Ritual Abuse
Satanists ritually abuse children and nobody has the power to prevent it due to their infiltration into the police force and politics.

The Temple Mount Plot
Are Freemason’s and Jews collaborating in a plot to destroy Islamic holy sites on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount?

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