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Join the Sunny Days & Sea Breezes Readalong!



To celebrate the publication of Sunny Days & Sea Breezes by Carole Matthews in paperback we are running a readalong over on Instagram and we’d love for you to join us!


Hosted by Tandem Collective UK, the questions we will be discussing are below. There are some spoilers in here!


To take part, grab your copy and head over to Instagram from next Monday (31st) and follow #SunnyDaysandSeaBreezesReadalong, #SunnDaysandSeaBreezes and #CaroleMatthews.


Page 21

“All I can here is the sound of the gentle waves lapping against the hull which is soothing, hypnotic. Perhaps I could learn to live again here. Heaven knows, the total solitude is appealing” – Page 12

“She’s too colourful. Too brash. Too loud. she never stops talking and I know from just one meeting that I won’t be able to turn her volume down to a manageable level. She has to go.” – Page 19

What are your first impressions of Jodie and Sunny Days? How would you feel about Marilyn’s company?


Put together a summer themed flatlay featuring the book. The winning flatlay will receive a copy of the book for a friend and a sea breeze candle!


Page 168

“Ida leans over and kisses her friend warmly on the lips. There’s a distinct possessiveness about it, as if she’s staking her claim to him” – Page 74

“Ida might think he’s the bee’s elbows but I’m not sure Ned feels the same about her.’ – Page 168

Ned and Ida appear to have some sort of history. How would you handle this if you were Jodie? Would you continue to pursue a friendship with Ned?


Page 197

“The very mention of my husband makes me wobble again. I might feel slightly more steady – both physically and mentally – but I realise that I’m still not ready to face real life” – Page 192

“He pushes himself away from me, then offers me his hand and helps me up too. And, as we walk along the beach together, I wish that he was still holding my fingers in his” – Page 197

Do you think that Jodie is using her friendship and interactions with Ned as an escape from her troubles?


Share with us a photo from your favourite staycation location!


Page 255

“Perhaps I should be pleased to see Chris, feel grateful that he’s made an effort to pursue me. Shouldn’t I want to go with him, hold him, kiss him? Is that what he expected? Did he think I would run and throw myself into his arms? Instead, I’m rooted to the spot and feel nothing but cross with him” – Page 252

How would you react if you were Jodie? Do you think Chris’ arrival is romantic?


Page 314

“So we go to bed and Chris is gentle, caring, holding me as if I was precious China. I try my best to relax and not push him away. And I keep my eyes wide open so that I see my husband above me, because I’m frightened that if I close them, I might see someone else” – Page 314

Could you let bygones be bygones in Jodie’s position? Would you stay or go in their position?



How do you feel about the ending? Do you think Jodie made the best decision for herself?


Tell us about your Marilyn – who looks after you when you’re down? Be sure to tag them!