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Book Extract

Read an extract from The Running Vixen by Elizabeth Chadwick

      The Welsh Marches, Autumn 1126 On the day Adam de Lacey returned to the borders after an absence of more than a year, the monthly market at Ravenstow was in full, noisy […]

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Read an extract from A Season in the Snow by Isla Gordon

  ‘I might give you some of Vanessa’s brandy too, if we ever get there,’ Alice murmured to the dog as she crawled the car forward. She followed the tail lights of a car up […]

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Read an extract from A Blackpool Christmas by Maggie Mason

    PART ONE TORN APART 1916–17 ONE Babs A week to go till Christmas. Such a different Christmas to the one Babs had thought she would have. She pulled her shawl around her and, […]

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Read an extract from Shadow Sands by Robert Bryndza

  PROLOGUE 28 AUGUST 2012 Simon gasped and choked on the brackish, freezing water as he swam for his life. The reservoir was huge, and he churned through inky-black water in a frantic front crawl, […]

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Read an extract from Christmas for Beginners by Carole Matthews

    Chapter One   One of the alpacas has eaten the Baby Jesus. I’m not sure which one. Frankly, they all look the picture of innocence, but I know them better. ‘I’m going to […]

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Read an extract from Jingle All the Way by Debbie Macomber

    Everly Lancaster was ready to explode. Her assistant, Annette, the very one Jack Campbell, her business partner and CEO, had highly recommended she hire, who also happened to be his niece, had made […]

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Read an extract from Happiness for Beginners by Carole Matthews

    Below is an extract from readers’ favourite and Sunday Times bestselling novel Happiness for Beginners ahead of the publication of the gloriously festive sequel, Christmas for Beginners. Chapter One Anthony the Anti-Social Sheep lowers his […]

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Read an extract from The Wild Hunt by Elizabeth Chadwick

    This October marks 30 years since bestselling author Elizabeth Chadwick’s debut novel, The Wild Hunt, was published. Read on for an extract from the award-winning novel.   CHAPTER 1 ASHDYKE THE WELSH MARCHES […]

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An Exclusive Extract From Winning at Life

CHAPTER ONE     ‘MUM! Ava keeps showing me her vagina.’ For approximately the three thousandth time that long, hot day, it appeared World War Three was threatening to break out. Wearily, Gemma left the […]

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Read an exciting extract from The Testimony of Alys Twist

  Chapter One   Parchment Halo I remembered it once said, when I was small, that I would go far. Whoever had spoken over my head had been right, I thought, because just twenty or […]

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An exclusive extract from Jenny Eclair’s Inheritence!

Prologue The baby lies in the half-open drawer and contemplates the cracked surface above her head. It’s called a ceiling, but she has no words for anything as yet – she is three weeks old. […]

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An extract from A Better Man by Louise Penny

  Gripping and full of suspense, A Better Man is the spellbinding new crime thriller from New York Times number one bestseller, Louise Penny. Read on for an extract from the first chapter.    ‘Tabernac. Someone from […]

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