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The Frequency of Us Book Club questions


The Frequency of Us from Keith Stuart, author of the much-loved Richard & Judy bestseller A Boy Made of Blocks, is a stunning, emotional novel about an impossible mystery and a true love that refuses to die.

We think it’s the perfect book club choice and asked Keith to write a set of questions for book clubs to use when discussing the novel!

1. Why do you think Will lets Laura into his house in their first meeting?

2 What role do you think Bath plays in the book? How does the city reflect the story and themes?

3. What do you think Elsa sees in Will?

4. Why was Will’s interest in wireless technology important to the story?

5. How does Laura’s anxiety contribute to her quest to solve Will’s mystery? Is it a help as well as a hindrance?

6. What role does Smithy play in the background of the story?

7. What does Will’s story tell us about the treatment of elderly people in our society?

8. What do you think would have happened to Laura if she hadn’t escaped from the explosion/anomaly at the climax of the book?

9. When David/Michael is revealed to be Laura’s father- what does this tell us about her role in the story?

10. What do you think will happen to Laura after the book ends?