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An extract from Hidden Riches by Nora Roberts

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Hidden Riches by Nora Roberts




He didn’t want to be there. No, he hated being trapped in the elegant old house, prodded and pinched by restless ghosts. It was no longer enough to shroud the furniture in dust covers, lock the doors and walk away. He had to empty it and, by emptying it, purge himself of some of the nightmares.

“Captain Skimmerhorn?”

Jed tensed at the title. As of last week he was no longer captain. He’d resigned from the force, turned in his shield, but he was already weary of explaining it. He shifted aside as two of the movers carried a rosewood armoire down the staircase, through the grand foyer and out into the chilly morning.


“You might want to check upstairs, make sure we got everything you wanted put in storage. Otherwise, looks like we’re all done here.”


But he didn’t want to go up those stairs, walk through those rooms. Even empty they would hold too much. Responsibility, he mused as he reluctantly started up. His life had been too crowded with responsibility to ignore one now.


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