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Kill Your Boss

Kill Your Boss

If you’re reading this, you’re a new employee at Human Resources, Inc.

Congratulations. And condolences. At the very least, you’re embarking on a career that you will never be able to describe as dull. You’ll go to interesting places. You’ll meet unique and stimulating people from all walks of life. And kill them. You will make a lot of money, but that will mean nothing to you after the first job.

Assassination, no matter how easy it looks in the movies, is the most difficult, stressful, and lonely profession on the planet.

Even when you’re disguised as an intern.

John Lago is a hitman. He has some rules for you. And he’s about to break every single one.

Published in the US as The Intern’s Handbook
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Thriller / Suspense

On Sale: 3rd July 2014

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9780751552348


Black humor and surprise twists distinguish Kuhn's highly entertaining debut, which puts a fresh spin on the theme of the hardened criminal planning one last job.
Publishers Weekly
All of the testosterone-bloated wisdom of Tucker Max mixed w/the satire of American Psycho.
Entertainment Weekly
Kill Your Boss has "cult classic" written all over it... fast-moving, twisty, ultraviolent... revelling in its own lack of pretension and sheer entertainment value
Glasgow Herald
Set to be the book of the summer
A thrilling, jet-black comedy that crackles with action... sleek, quirky and enjoyable
Sunday Mirror
Smart, original
The Sun
Believable dialogue, a whip smart and cynical central character, clever reversals and an entertaining amount of bone-crunching violence help wrap up this nasty package with a pretty little bow. An entertaining, ferociously violent romp about a morally bankrupt killer trying to find his way home.
An immersive literary experience
Kuhn's writing is cartoonishly violent, adolescently cynical - and enormous fun
Morning Star
A serious guilty pleasure. (Well, semi-serious and semi-guilty, but definitely a pleasure.)
Seattle Times
On highly original, entertaining movie of a book. Sometimes funny, often gripping and always keeping you on your toes, Kill Your Boss is up there with the better of the year's books
Weekend Sport
Dark, but brilliantly written
Marie Claire

A John Lago Thriller