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Living Well with Tinnitus

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781472147424

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‘With real life examples to guide the reader and proven cognitive behavioural techniques, this will help people to overcome the distress associated with tinnitus and live a meaningful life’
Dr Rory Allott, Greater Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

Worldwide, about one billion people experience tinnitus at some point in their life. It is a life-changing experience for many of them. Learning effective management strategies in a timely fashion is the key to dealing with this difficult condition.

This book combines cutting-edge knowledge of auditory science and theoretical frameworks in modern psychology with insight and real-life, human examples from clinical practice. Packed with metaphors and practical tips, the authors aid understanding of complex concepts by introducing an accessible and entertaining cast of characters from history and fiction, from Beauty and the Beast to Moby Dick, from Dante to Muhammad Ali, and from Sigmund Freud to Rumi.

By following the advice in this book, you will:
· Gain a realistic picture of what the recovery from tinnitus-related distress looks like
· Learn how to go beyond the difficulties and annoyance caused by tinnitus and pay attention to the meanings behind those experiences
· Develop skills that are proven to help on your journey.

Everything that you need to know about living well with tinnitus is presented in ten steps!

Living Well self-help guides use clinically proven techniques to treat long-standing and disabling conditions, both psychological and physical.

Series Editors: Professor Kate Harvey and Emeritus Professor Peter Cooper


'This is a must read for anyone experiencing difficulties with tinnitus or a professional who wishes to help those with tinnitus further. There is detailed insight on managing tinnitus with clear steps and helpful worksheets to be able to take this step-by-step approach. The book shows clear understanding of the many challenges a tinnitus patients may face and draws on Hashir's vast experience in this field. There are lots of relatable examples from patients who have clearly benefited from his care which a reader will understand. Highly recommended' Jemma Hatton, Audiologist and Tinnitus specialist
'What a sincere way to enhance the path to recovery for millions of people worldwide who are confronting distressing tinnitus. By reflecting on the complexities of the human experience of tinnitus, sharing clinical experiences and scientific research, this truly succeeds in offering an empowering step-by-step self-help book that provides clear added value to patients, clinicians and health care professionals. The book focusses on those CBT skills that are essential to positively cope with tinnitus distress and enhance quality of life. The thought experiments and metaphors are as spot-on as they are recognisable. The unique writing style is catchy and persuasive. This book is really enjoyable to read. This ten-steps guide provides a clear protocol that leads to realistic therapeutic goals. As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I can certainly integrate this book in the therapeutic process of tinnitus management, as the methods introduced here provide the necessary psycho-education based on relevant and recent research, enlarge self-efficacy, offer concrete tools and prevent relapse' Dr. Tine Roanna Luyten, Klinisch Psycholoog | Psychotherapeut, EMDR Practitioner | Tinnitustherapeut
'I can honestly say that if I had read this book before practicing over 40 years of tinnitus management, I would definitely have been a more effective therapist and clinician. In fact, if I were still practicing, this book would have become my go-to reference for treating patients and for dealing with my own personal challenges with tinnitus' Robert W. Sweetow, Professor Emeritus, Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, University of California, San Francisco
'As an audiologist myself, it was a pleasure and honour to read this book by Hashir Aazh and Brian Moore. It has a lot of useful tips and practical examples that can make a person understand the concept of CBT and its application in an easy, down to earth way. Even so, it still gives enough technical and research-driven information to show their vast understanding and experience in this field' Estelle Novella, Audiologist, South Africa
'Aims to make CBT for tinnitus accessible to anyone unable to work with a qualified provider ... The Overcoming website features all tables and worksheets in the book, making it easy for readers to do the work in a format that is most comfortable for them. It also allows readers to review and redo exercises as needed ... be sure to draw on [the] supplemental materials and activities to make this journey less arduous, more engaging, and ultimately successful; it's a skill set that can serve you well in every area of your life, far beyond tinnitus!'
Tinnitus Today
'A practical step-by-step guide to recovery for people experiencing distress related to tinnitus. Aazh and Moore are leaders in their field and share a unique combination of clinical, research and personal experience of tinnitus which has produced a book which is both evidence-based and compassionate. With real life examples to guide the reader and proven cognitive-behavioural techniques, the book will help people distressed by tinnitus to overcome suffering and live a meaningful life' Dr Rory Allott, Lead Clinical Psychologist, Trafford Early Intervention Team, Greater Manchester NHS Foundation Trust
'A comprehensive "go to" resource for people dealing with problematic tinnitus. The book is filled with helpful metaphors and step-by-step exercises that will teach readers to eliminate behaviours that are maintaining the distress, think differently about the tinnitus and focus beyond the problem. Aazh & Moore are clearly experts in their fields' Maureen L Whittal, associate clinical professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia, Co-Founder Anxiety Canada, Vancouver CBT Centre
'It's very much not a diktat, ordering the reader to do this or and do that. Rather, it's more "let's go on this journey of discovery together" where you are guiding the reader to "fill in and develop" the plot as they go along. I think Hashir & Brian have put together a narrative that many people who are bothered by tinnitus will recognise in themselves and it certainly has the potential to guide them in an accessible and progressive way to a much better outcome in their relationship with tinnitus. I also think it will be an excellent book for professionals with an interest in tinnitus treatments in general and understanding CBT for tinnitus patients in particular' Alan Hopkirk, Clinical Director, The Invisible Hearing Clinic