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Jingle All the Way Book Club Questions

Book club questions for Debbie Macomber's Jingle All The Way

For all Book Club members, here’s a special treat for you… Questions to accompany Debbie Macomber’s brand new festive novel, Jingle All the Way! There’s also a link to a very tasty fudge recipe from Debbie inspired by the novel.


1. Everly decides to heed Jack’s advice and take a much-needed vacation. Think about a time when you’ve felt overwhelmed. What, or who, helped you get through?

2. Traditions play an important role in Everly’s family, especially during the Christmas season. Are there any holiday traditions in your own family? How have they evolved over the years?

3. Asher initially worries that nothing can come of his feelings for Everly, as they lead separate lives in completely different parts of the world. Do you agree? Why or why not?

4. Everly mentions the struggles she encountered growing up with four siblings. How do you see her opinion of her family shift as the cruise progresses and she and Asher grow closer?

5. Compare and contrast how you think Everly’s and Asher’s past relationships affect the growing attraction between them. Do you think opposites attract?

6. When Asher shows up at Everly’s doorstep and the two reunite, it is clear they are both taking risks to be together. Talk about a risk you may have taken in your own life — what motivated it, and did it ultimately pay off?

7. Recall a trip or a memory that has had a lasting effect on you. What about it was life-changing?

8. Consider the last line of the book. Everly is ultimately grateful to Annette, as the cruise had brought Asher into her life. Is this journey toward forgiveness something you’ve ever had to experience with a family member, friend, or colleague? What did you learn?


Visit Debbie’s blog for a delicious Christmas Fudge recipe inspired by Jingle All the Way, the perfect book club accompaniment!