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The Power Of Modern Spirituality

The Power Of Modern Spirituality

In THE POWER OF MODERN SPIRITUALITY, William Bloom identifies for the first time the core strategies found at the heart of all spiritual traditions and explains how everyone – regardless of background, beliefs or personality type – can develop them and immediately put them into practice. He structures his book around the key areas of connection, reflection and service, showing us how to recognise and develop these aspects of ourselves in the context of today’s challenges and crises so that we gain greater meaning and purpose in our lives.

Written in a lively, intelligent and inspiring style, and drawn from Bloom’s popular courses and workshops, it will help you to go more deeply into yourself and develop a greater sense of personal integrity, inner strength, a stronger connection with friends, family and colleagues, an increased sense of personal joy and of being in the driving seat of your life, and much more.
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Genre: Health & Personal Development

On Sale: 1st September 2011

Price: £13.99

ISBN-13: 9780749952853


Brilliant, erudite, intellectually delightful, practical, logical, honest...In an age of beliefs which are often ill-formed, misguided, self-serving and nonsensical, this book succeeds in making sense of the word "spirituality" and applying it lucidly to our lives. William saves not only our souls but our hearts and brains too. Read it and buy one for everyone you know ... Everyone who calls themselves "spiritual" should read this book so they know what they are talking about. This book will bankrupt me because I want to buy one for everyone I know' Isabel Losada, author The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment
‘This is a milestone book ? it marks a new era in human development. William Bloom has taken on the huge challenge of defining post-modern spirituality and pulled it off with aplomb’
This book will provide some helpful and refreshing surprises
Church Times
If ever a book were needed by our modern world, this is that book. Nothing is more needed in our world today than a spirituality that can reach across the boundaries that we have created between ourselves and each other and ourselves and nature, and enab
‘William Bloom disentangles spirituality from religion and lucidly distils its essence for everyone. A wonderful and accessible text that will serve as a manual for spiritual seekers for decades to come’ Dr David Hamilton, author Why Kindness is Good for
Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor
‘William Bloom's excellent book succeeds in being both passionate and solidly grounded in experience. The frequent accusation that the emerging spirituality of our times is superficial and ill-disciplined will be difficult to sustain in the light of this
This is a marvellous book full of practical wisdom and helpful suggestions of how to nurture spiritual growth in everyday life. Connecting the best of the traditional religious practices of different faiths with some of the newest insights of modern therapeutic practice and a scientific worldview, William Bloom shows how we can become vessels for the energy of spirit. Truly holistic and inclusive, this book comes out of a lifetime's practice and experience, and skillfully conveys the transformative power of spirituality in human life' Ursula King, Emeritus Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol and a Vice-President of the World Congress of Faiths
‘A really remarkable synthesis. THE POWER OF MODERN SPIRITUALITY goes straight to the top of the recommended reading list. This is a hugely intelligent book that will inspire experienced practitioners and serve as a warmly accessible friend to those who m