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At Home with Dyslexia

At Home with Dyslexia

‘Probably the very best place to go if you need accessible, user-friendly information, and a whole plethora of sound, practical guidance about how to help a child with dyslexia, is Sascha’s fascinating and insightful book’ – The Sunday Independent (Ireland)

This book will empower parents by giving them the tools and strategies to deal with dyslexia, making them confident and knowledgeable in the process.
It offers:
– a guidebook that is visually appealing, including bullet points, illustrations and short chapters, making it an easy to follow reference book for the busy (and often dyslexic) parent;
– practical and emotional support at home from primary to secondary school years, as well as how to deal with school and the education system;
– chapters that can be dipped into for useful day to day advice and tools to help at home , and for overall encouragement and reassurance;
– parents and children sharing their personal experiences and advice in their personal accounts – the challenges of dyslexia, possible solutions and successes are openly discussed and woven throughout the chapters, giving the guide an authentic voice.

Central to this guide is language of acceptance and celebration, emphasising a learning ‘difference’ rather than a ‘disability’, and a genuine encouragement of dyslexic abilities and strengths.
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Genre: Health & Personal Development

On Sale: 15th August 2018

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9781472140654


This book has been enlightening and a complete game-changer for my understanding of dyslexia. The structure and visual presentations make it an easy and informative and enjoyable read. It should be book of the year in my opinion. Thank you, Sascha Roos. I really struggled understanding my son's educational assessment report and this book has helped me understand the report in an empowering way. I am so grateful
Sinead English
At Home with Dyslexia helps parents to support their child with dyslexia by providing many evidence-based recommendations and presenting it in an accessible and easy to follow format. It details some of the most common problem areas for all ages: reading, spelling, and writing, as well as some of the associated difficulties commonly present in dyslexia: working memory, study skills and organisation. Not forgetting the impact that dyslexia has on self-esteem and confidence. This book also discusses this, as well as some simple but effective ways to support and advocate for your child through the education system. A useful guide that can be dipped in and out of when needed and also a useful accompaniment to an educational psychology assessment report
Dyslexia Association of Ireland
I was so excited to read At Home with Dyslexia. It felt a little bit like coming home! As the parent of a dyslexic 11 year old, this book is an excellent source of information, written jargon free and very informative. The comments from parents and children will resonate with you. It is a new road and a new journey. I am daunted but hungry for information, and I am thoroughly enjoying At Home with Dyslexia
Sharon Devine
Probably the very best place to go if you need accessible, user-friendly information, and a whole plethora of sound, practical guidance about how to help a child with dyslexia, is Sascha's fascinating and insightful book
Sunday Independent (Ireland)