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The Little Book of Moon Magic

The Little Book of Moon Magic

The Little Book of Moon Magic is filled with secret ways to connect you to the magic and mystique of the moon’s power. By using rituals, astrology and affirmations, you will discover how to draw down and maximise this potent lunar energy at the most auspicious times, to make your life what you truly want it to be. From wishing on the new moon and manifesting success, to knowing when to attract new romance, this guide reveals how to go with the flow of the moon to bring you the happiness you seek.

This book also reveals how to track and utilise astrological lunar cycles throughout the year for self-improvement, as well as working with eclipses for positive transformation. You will also discover how your moon-sign determines your moods, comfort zones, emotional needs, and the kind of partner you feel most at home with. Learn also how to work with your personal moon-sign in tandem with the moon’s phases for wellbeing and harmony in the home.

This is a book for all those wishing to deepen their connection with nature and take their spiritual practice to a new level.
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Genre: Health & Personal Development

On Sale: 11th June 2020

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9780349425634