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Wine drinkers are generally healthier and often live longer. They have less heart disease and diabetes, and are less likely to suffer from dementia in old age. Is this the wine, their diet or their lifestyle?
THE WINE DIET is a complete nutritional lifestyle and contains the very latest groundbreaking research from an internationally renowned scientist and his team.
* Proved at last: drinking red wine really is good for you.
* Identified! The antioxidant that unlocks the real secret of the French Paradox.
* As well as wine you can get the same benefits from a variety of delicious foodstuffs, including chocolate.
* Lose weight – and keep it off – as a result of straightforward lifestyle adjustments.
* Enjoy 40 delicious new recipes and benefit from the author’s practical cooking tips and eating plans.


Two of the most interesting health and diet titles on offer are from newcomers to the genre and the most enticing of all is Professor Roger Corder's THE WINE DIET
'A fascinating and absorbing read…Corder's book takes the subject to new levels’
Whenever I fear my wine habit is doing me irreparable damage, I read a reassuring passage of this fine tome (by a professor of experimental therapeutics, no less). Any book that tells me I can drink red wine every day and enjoy a longer, healthier life gets my vote
Jonathan Ray, The Week
This has to be a winner by virtue of its title alone
Quite possibly the most useful wine book published this year
This book is about nutrition and lifestyle rather than simple lard loss...Corder's advice is grounded in hard facts and perfectly sensible
Sunday TIMES