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Keeping Your Head After Losing Your Job

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780749958848

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Although the current economic crisis creates a sense of urgency, we have always had and will always have a large number of people who are unemployed. For many, it is the most difficult time that they have ever faced. Without help, the unemployed face an increased risk of binge drinking, depression, anxiety and suicide. For many, there is a decreased quality of mental health, life satisfaction and objective physical wellbeing. Most feel alone and helpless.
Dr Robert Leahy has worked with many unemployed people over the years, examining the psychological consequences of unemployment and exploring ways to help people cope with the emotional fallout of losing their job. This book gives readers psychological tools to handle their period of unemployment and simple, self-help strategies that can be used immediately to help them feel better and act better. The book draws on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as practices such as mindfulness to help readers boost their self-esteem and confidence, decrease anxiety and feelings of helplessness, and develop resiliance and strength going forward.


Unemployment can be devastating to us and our families - stirring powerful emotions, self-doubt and destabilizing relationships. In this important book Robert Leahy, one of the world's leading cognitive therapists, explores ways in which we can soften some of those feelings and thoughts. He skilfully and gently guides readers through ways of dealing with difficult emotions, loss of self-confidence, shame, fear of the future, and family relationships. This book offers a wealth of wisdom and guidance for what can be a most difficult time of life
Professor Paul Gilbert, PhD., FBPsS, OBE
This book is different. It is for people who are currently unemployed, but it is not about CVs or interview skills. It is about the psychological impact of unemployment. Written in a sensitive and well-informed way, it is about adjusting to the new circumstances and moving on in a positive frame of mind. Highly recommended
Chris Fairburn DM, FMedSci, FRCPsych, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
Tough economic times bring tough psychological challenges - and that's where Keeping Your Head After Losing Your Job comes in. It's much more than the usual self-help book, as it's based on the best research for what really helps people cope - changing your thinking. You might not be able to avoid losing your job, but you can try to avoid the depression that comes along with it. The book also has invaluable practical advice on money management, job searches, and venting without wallowing in victimhood
Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology (San Diego State University) and author of THE NARCISSISIM EPIDEMIC and GENERATION ME
Unemployment can be one of the biggest downers. But Robert Leahy shows how positive thinking can make all the difference - and how it can be achieved
Professor Lord Layard, Wellbeing Programme, Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics
Leahy provides psychological tools to help you handle your unemployment, with simple strategies that can be used immediately
Money Magazine
Losing a job is like losing a piece of yourself. It can cause real damage to your self-image, your mental health and your physical health. Robert Leahy's Keeping Your Head After Losing Your Job is a practical guide to picking yourself up, restoring your health and well-being, and getting the motivation and confidence to move forward with your life. This invaluable resource also has tips for family members who want to help, but don't know how. Leahy is an international expert in teaching people how to recover from setbacks and live more healthy, productive lives
Dr Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, author of the bestselling Women Who Think Too Much
Keeping Your Head after Losing Your Job is an excellent guide for helping yourself through this difficult time. With powerful self-help tools for the many difficulties that you face, Dr Leahy gives wise, compassionate and empowering advice. I highly recommend this excellent book
Aaron T. Beck, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania
A great self-esteem book
Healthy Magazine
A superb book. Dr Robert Leahy, an international authority on cognitive therapy, uses his clinical wisdom and skill to help people to deal with one of the most difficult things any person can experience. Anyone will be able to follow his compassionate advice day by day, and see for themselves how they can transform a period of unemployment into a time of self-discovery and action. A must-read, not only for those who find themselves unemployed for any reason, but also for their families, friends and therapists
Mark Williams, Director, University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre and bestselling co-author of Mindfulness: Finding peace in a frantic world
Redundancy can leave you stressed, isolated and lacking confidence - but if it's happening to you, anxiety king Dr Robert Leahy is here to help . . . This is a must-read for anyone who's newly redundant
Health and Fitness