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Pistols At Dawn

Pistols At Dawn

After the gross and unjustifiable insults you have offered me both as a soldier and a gentleman, I conclude you must be prepared to give me that satisfaction I am entitled to. I am therefore to request that you will name a place and hour of meeting.’

So runs a typical challenge to a duel from the early 19th century; formal, polite – and potentially fatal. Duelling is deeply imbedded in our collective consciousness, through numerous films and novels; it evokes a golden past, of gentlemen defending their honour (or that of their wives) in the early morning light of a wooded glade; of frockcoats, rapiers and pistols.

From the duel’s roots in medieval chivalric tournaments, to the unforgiving code of honour in which death was preferable to shame, this fascinating history recounts – with the aid of numerous vivid eye-witness accounts – all the drama and sheer terror of the duel.
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Genre: Humanities / History

On Sale: 20th January 2011

Price: £10.99

ISBN-13: 9780749929961


A fluent and entertaining history of the practice of duelling
A learned, absorbing account of duelling
A compelling account of this bizarre tradition