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Capitalism is in crisis in a culture that risks pulling us apart. There has never been a more urgent need to change our businesses to save the world or a more opportune time to change the world to save our businesses.

The Purpose Upgrade provides a unique methodology to repurpose enterprises and revitalise the activities they engage in. It shows how by leaning into society’s most pressing priorities, businesses can create more compelling benefits for customers, build more meaningful livelihoods for colleagues, and unlock superior returns for investors, putting all the stakeholders that an enterprise needs back on the same team.

Meet the social entrepreneur who repurposed the ‘boring’ stationary business to fund micro-finance initiatives reaching millions of the people most exposed to poverty, so that ‘even a bad day at the office saves lives’. Learn how the leaders of a coal mining business repurposed their enterprise first as an industrial chemicals company and then more spectacularly as a sustainable living business, improving the lives of billions of people while consistently outperforming expectations for growth. And most importantly, discover how you can foster the human understanding needed to make a ‘Purpose Upgrade’ an always available event at any level of your own enterprise.

History shows that the most challenging conditions can lead to the greatest potential for renewal. The Purpose Upgrade will support readers in growing enterprises that thrive by uniting us in addressing the extraordinary challenges of our times.