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Eddie Chapman was a womaniser, blackmailer and safecracker. He was also a great hero – the most remarkable double agent of the Second World War. Chapman became the only British national ever to be awarded an Iron Cross for his work for the Reich. He was also the only German spy ever to be parachuted into Britain twice. But it was all an illusion: Eddie fooled the Germans in the same way he conned his victims in civilian life. He was working for the British all along. Until now, the full story of Eddie Chapman’s extraordinary exploits has never been told, thwarted by the Official Secrets Act. Now at last all the evidence has been released, including Eddie’s M15 files, and a complete account of what he achieved is told in this enthralling book.


Nicholas Booth's engossing account of Eddie Chapman's exploits is a gripping page turner... an excellent portrait of this slippery real-life agent and conman.
David Stafford, author of Churchill AND Secret Service
Nicholas Booth's compelling and well-researched biography.
Richard Basseett, London Evening Standard