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You are a focused professional: skilled, accomplished, driven. You understand your field and are good at what you do… or what you did, before you decided to take some time off. Maybe you decided to switch careers. Maybe you stayed at home with the kids. Whatever the reason, you were out of the corporate world and now it’s time to jump back in. How do you reword your skills so they are applicable to a new industry? How do you explain that time gap in your resume?

Comeback Careers is Mika Brzezinski’s how-to guide for women returning to the workforce, with expert advice on everything from body language in interviews to activating your network to figuring out what you really want to do next. Featuring conversations with Meredith Viera, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Tina Brown and other successful professionals who took time off, then made the transition back to satisfying careers, Mika takes a look at how to change up your job to get back in the game – and win.