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It's great to see local authors using the Australian landscape with such strength. Actor Matt Nable does this well.
QLD, Townsville Bulletin et al. (News Corp regional syndicate), [AUDIENCE: 92,602, ASR: 3,419]
WA [PRINT], Geraldton Guardian, [AUDIENCE: 3,673, ASR: AUD 161]
SA [PRINT], Murray Pioneer, [AUDIENCE: 6,400, ASR: AUD 292]
QLD [RADIO] ABC North Queensland
[ONLINE] Queensland Reviewers Collective
Thick with humidity as tangible as the words on the page, and suffused with violence, this is a rural thriller to fill your Jane Harper void.
[ONLINE] Readings
It's compelling. Highly recommended.
NATIONAL [PRINT], Good Reading Magazine, [AUDIENCE: 8,000, ASR: AUD 1,044]
A gripping must-read for 2021
NATIONAL [PRINT] WHO Magazine [AUDIENCE: 82,789 ASR: AUD 17, 868]
[..] Nable renders the past both tangible and real and its riveting.
VIC [PRINT], The Sunday Age and Sydney Morning Herald, [AUDIENCE: 98,214, ASR: AUD 35,193]
A very evocative novel that excels in its characterisations and depictions of life in Darwin
ACT [PRINT] Canberra Weekly [AUDIENCE: 43, 073 ASR: AUD 772]
It is a dark and tense multi layered story that will keep you guessing.
[ONLINE] Mandy Loves to Read