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Crash: The Fall and Rise of America in the 1930stells the story of the Great Depression in the United States–not just the sweeping consequences of the market collapse on politics and banking, but the more personal stories of individuals and communities caught up in the aftermath.

Packed with photographs, primary source documents, and firsthand accounts, Crash shines a spotlight on pivotal moments and figures across ethnic, gender, racial, social, and geographic divides. Readers will meet fascinating historical figures like Herbert Hoover, Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt, Frances Perkins, the Scottsboro Boys, and Mary MacLeod Bethune, even as they discover what life was like for regular Americans as the country went from the highs of the roaring 20s to the lows of the Great Depression and back to booming in the 1940s.

With page-turning prose and a keen understanding of the history and his audience, Marc Favreau shows young readers how the country we live in today was built in response to a time when Americans from all walks of life fell victim to poverty, insecurity, and fear – and relays the incredible story of how they survived and ultimately thrived.