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‘The best book I’ve read this year … It’s written in such a beautiful way’ – Dr Suzi Gage, Book Shambles podcast

From birth to adulthood, Blueprint tells you what you need to know about how you became who you are

Have you ever wondered how your early life shaped you? From beginning to say simple words like ‘mama’ and learning how to walk around unaided, to the first day of school and forming new friendships, everyone has been a child. The roots of our adult selves go right back to our first experiences. How we think, act and interact is influenced by our early years, yet most people don’t know the key findings from the juiciest child development studies that can give us insight into our adult selves.

Weaving together cutting edge research, everyday experience and clinical examples, Dr Lucy Maddox explains how we develop from an unconscious bundle of cells floating about in the dark of the in uterine environment to to a fully grown complex adult, revealing fascinating insights about our personality, relationships and daily lives along the way.
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Genre: Society & Social Sciences

On Sale: 15th March 2018

Price: £14.99

ISBN-13: 9781472137876


The best book I've read this year ... It's written in such a beautiful way. Her writing is so warm and vibrant and it really draws you in. She's very nuanced with this - there's no blame or judgement here. It's information about how our early life experience can shape us but also the limitations of that and how other factors are at play as well. It's absolutely fascinating, I can't put it down and I recommend that you all read it as well
Dr Suzi Gage, Wellcome Engagement Fellow, drugs & mental health researcher and lecturer at Liverpool University, blogger, Say Why To Drugs podcaster, Book Shambles podcast
Blueprint is an accessible science book that introduces the reader to the many reasons we end up as we do. These reasons are varied and complex and Lucy Maddox guides the reader through these diverse topics with great clarity. Her style of introducing us to the people that know most about these areas, through to what this might mean for us all in our everyday lives and relationships is excellent ... It is a book that guides both university students and the public through the complexities of who we are and what we become
Dr Pippa Hembry, clinical psychologist and clinical tutor, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families
Excellent. It covered a lot of very important and fascinating information but in a warm and relaxed style for easy reading. I am confident that it would extremely valuable for psychology students with an interest in progressing to clinical practice with children and adolescents
Dr Richard Corrigall, consultant psychiatrist, Snowsfields Adolescent Unit, Maudsley Hospital
Blueprint marshals evidence from an enormous range of studies in an engaging and accessible way. Anyone interested in how our childhood shapes us will find this a fascinating and enjoyable read
Marcus Munafò, professor of biological psychology, University of Bristol
A very useful addition to the plethora of books written about psychological development . . . highly accessible
Dr Pam Jarvis, Times Literary Supplement