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Newton's Wake

Newton's Wake

‘Stylish, witty, and engaging!’ – San Diego Union Tribune

‘Exciting…Accessible to the average reader as well as the hardcore SF fan. This is a work sure to keep the reader on the edge of her seat.’ – Romantic Times Bookclub

The Hard Rapture took Earth’s best minds away. Now the rest are about to find out where they went …

Centuries ago, space settlers and soldiers fled to the stars from the sentient AI war machines that engulfed Earth. They colonised Eurydice, a planet whose rocks contain traces of its own war machines – some of which still guard a vast, enigmatic artifact on a remote tundra.

When an expedition raids this strange artifact, the Eurydiceans discover that they weren’t the last survivors of humanity after all. Their leisured lifestyle is about to be disrupted by new arrivals for whom Eurydice is a prize worth fighting over.

And the long-dormant war machines are awakening …

Newton’s Wake is a stunning stand-alone space opera, charting the struggle for human survival in a universe dominated by post-human intelligence.

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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

On Sale: 7th June 2012

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9781405519441


Far more fun than deep space drama has any right to be...Just read the book. Then read it again. It's even better the second time.
For my money, Ken MacLeod is the current champion of the very smartest kind of New Space Opera: a relentlessly engaged thinker about nitty-gritty political-economic-social matters who also operates on the Romantic end of the genre by imagining worlds that offer vast (and even godlike) possibilities for humankind...MacLeod returns to his story elements and concerns with a persistence that signals a stubbornly committed intelligence as well as a fertile and mischievous imagination, and every variation on his themes produces something worth re-reading.
If you haven't yet read MacLeod's work, this is an excellent place to start.
The kind of book that we wish would come to us more often in science fiction...Above everything, this book is fun.