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Teach Yourself to Sleep

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780349428161

Price: £14.99

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‘In her brilliant new book Mikhail delivers accessible science to help you take back control of your bedtime and your sleep’ Psychologies

Are you suffering from chronic insomnia, an erratic sleep pattern or do you simply feel that your sleep isn’t as deep and restorative as it should be? Then struggle no more. Teach Yourself to Sleep is the new, sustainable solution that you have been waiting for.

After decades of trying traditional methods to cure her poor sleep, the chance reading of a book by her Irish great-great uncle, a pioneer in cognitive therapy and clinical hypnosis, led chronic insomniac Kate Mikhail to research the science of sleep and the mind-body loop, and develop the tried-and-tested methods that have finally enabled her to take control of her sleep and wake up feeling rested and energised.

In Teach Yourself to Sleep, Kate shares her approach, blending first-person experience with accessible sleep science and interviews with leading doctors, scientists and academics, as well as highly effective sleep ‘scripts’ provided exclusively for this book by sleep experts.

Teach Yourself to Sleep will help you to view sleep in a wider, deeper context by revealing that its quality is inseparably woven into the way you spend your day – not an add-on that comes out of nowhere as night descends.

Considering sleep from every angle – from the role of biology-based self-talk in reinforcing better sleep habits, to fixing your sleep-wake cycle through the right balance of light and darkness, plus what and how to eat for the best sleep possible, how to dismantle unwanted sleep habits and set up new ones, shift stress hormones in favour of sleep, and how to break the sleepless-menopause loop – this book will help you to understand your sleep better and give you the tools to take control and finally begin to get the sleep you need.

What's Inside

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A very well written, informative, extremely interesting and enlightening book, presenting the theory behind sleep and wakefulness from different angles. It's a must-read book that provides solutions and advice to deal with sleep disorders using a holistic approach, by focusing on sleep hygiene and functioning of the body with respect to the circadian rhythm, as well as guiding us to follow a healthy lifestyle leading to increased productivity, good health and happiness
Dr Syed Shariq Hasan MBBS, MPH, MCPS, FRSPH, PhD Specialist in Public Health and Psychosomatic Medicine, Post-doctoral research fellow and Honorary Lecturer, Department of Hypnotherapy and Gastroenterology, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.
If you want an example of how one person's struggle can go on to help so many others, this book is it. Kate Mikhail's writing is a wonderful combination of personal experience and investigation into the science, knowledge and practice that will help readers navigate their way out of insomnia and towards getting a gorgeous night's sleep. If you or those you love are having difficulty sleeping, curl up with this book before bed and give yourself the gift of a sleep
Kirsty Macdonald, Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Transformational Leadership Coach
Sleep problems are one of the scourges that seem to have resulted from our modern, hectic and often stressful lives. Like so many modern afflictions there is no single cause and no 'one size fits all' remedy. Consequently, it is important for the sufferer to understand the problem better so that they can learn how best to manage it for themselves. This book by Kate Mikhail is a nice easy read which should help people to cope with this problem which can ruin the lives of the those who battle against it night after night.
Peter Whorwell, Professor of Medicine & Gastroenterology, University of Manchester