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A book that sees Hollywood as an idea, a trick, a religion even that swept the world, a book that knows what the bosses did, and why and how, but which also feels the impact on the mass audiences in the dark auditoriums. There isn’t a book that explains – even at a basic level – how the business, the money, of pictures operates. THE WHOLE EQUATION takes the history and describes the grand panorama so that the reader knows how he or she fitted in, along with Bogart, the Marx Brothers and Daryl Zanuck. The business is the neglected aspect of the story, neglected because its truths threaten the alleged magic, the romance of the movies. Yet, the money is the true sexual secret of Hollywood, and David Thomson leaves the reader quite clear, that amid all the hype and pretension, we should always ‘follow the money’.


A sprawling collection of hard-edged anecdotes.
Tracing movie from birth to, perhaps, a death of sorts at the hands of new technology, he conjures more thrills and insight in his elegant, melliflous style and staggering knowledge, than almost any modern film you care to mention. Idiosyncratic, for sur
From the patron saint of those seduced by the silver light, the whole truth, and a lot more besides. Peerless.