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Hollywood Said No!

Hollywood Said No!

It’s hard to write a film. It’s even harder to get that film made. So, over the years, when Hollywood has said ‘NO!’ to acclaimed actors/writers/comedians Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, the two have simply moved on to other endeavors and/or continued living their lives. But wait! What if those scripts were absolutely hilarious? What if they clearly deserved to see the light of day? What if Hollywood was just…wrong?

And so this book was born. HOLLYWOOD SAID NO! includes the full-length, never-before-seen scripts for Sketch Movie and Hooray For America! They are presented in a far more readable manner than standard film scripts – the script/film lingo has been changed into much more accessible prose and the scripts have been fleshed out with brand new storyboards and illustrations by acclaimed artist Mike Mitchell in order to further demonstrate Bob & David’s original vision for each piece.

But there’s more! Also in the book are tons of other orphaned sketch ideas, such as Nineteen Fifty Bleven, about a past President’s secret and ultimately successful attempt to eradicate the number between seven and eight (bleven).

The book will also include, via red pen in the margins, ‘constructive’ notes on each script from a ‘studio executive.’ While the notes are jokes written by Bob & David, they do approximate the actual reaction the scripts received in Hollywood. Bob and David will also provide introductions to each piece to add context, back story and shed light on the creation of each piece, as well as what went awry in each case.

The legions of Bob and David fans that have been patiently waiting for years for more material will undoubtedly say YES! to HOLLYWOOD SAID NO! It will be an absolutely indispensable humor book of 2013.
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Genre: The Arts / Film, Tv & Radio / Films, Cinema

On Sale: 26th September 2013

Price: £13.99

ISBN-13: 9781455526307