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How our obsession with ‘stuff’ is trashing the planet

Annie Leonard, creator of the internet film sensation ‘The Story of Stuff’, viewed over 6 million times, offers an astonishing, galvanizing book that tells the story of all the ‘stuff’ we use every day – where our bottled water, mobile phones and jeans come from, how they’re made and distributed, and where they really go when we throw them away.

Our out-of-control consumption habits are killing the planet and threatening our health, but Annie provides hope that change is within reach. Like An Inconvenient Truth and Silent Spring, The Story of Stuff will be an instant classic.


The book may be recycled, but Leonard's passion is new and refreshing.
Taking us into 'the dark heart of American consumerism' in an amusing and trenchant way.
A potentially important book that brings a great many facts and arguments into a single volume.
Irish Examiner