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The Feminine Revolution

The Feminine Revolution

Challenging old and outdated perceptions that feminine traits are weaknesses, The Feminine Revolution revisits those characteristics to show how they are powerful assets that should be embraced rather than maligned. It argues that feminine traits have been mischaracterized as weak, fragile, diminutive, and embittered for too long, and offers a call to arms to redeem them as the personal power tools they are meant to be.

The authors, Amy Stanton and Catherine Connors, begin with a brief history of when-and-why these traits were defined as weaknesses, sharing opinions from iconic feminists like Samantha Bee, Sheryl Sandberg, and Misty Copeland. Then they offer a set of feminine principles that challenge an unfair perceptions of feminine traits, and provide women new mindsets to reclaim those traits with confidence. The principles include counterintuitive messages, like:

Take things hard. Women feel things deeply, especially the hard stuff.

Enjoy glamour. Peacocks’ garish coloring is part of their survival strategy.

Chit-chat. Women have been derogated for “gossip” for centuries. What others call gossip, we call social connection.

Emote. Express yourself with signs of enthusiasm, affection, and warmth.

Embrace your domestic side. Don’t be ashamed to be cultivate the beauty of your home.

With an upbeat blend of self-help and fresh analysis, The Feminine Revolution reboots femininity for the modern woman and give her the tools to accept and embrace her own authentic nature.
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On Sale: 6th December 2018

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9781580058124