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Holiday plans on pause? Our top 10 destinations to escape to between the pages while your isolating


With flights temporarily grounded and holiday plans on pause, the oncoming months of spring sunshine and the absence of our usual Easter getaway plans might seem a little bleak. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! We’ve specially selected ten perfect holiday destinations you can escape to from the comfort of your sofa.


Take a bite of the Big Apple


You’d imagined views from Brooklyn Bridge and donuts in Midtown Manhattan, but you’re more likely to be sightseeing whatever’s on your way from the bed to the fridge and gorging yourself on whatever ‘essential’ snack you’ve managed to pilfer because apparently we’re not allowed Easter eggs any more. With deliciously evocative writing, you can take a long weekend trip to New York with N. K. Jemisin’s latest novel, The City We Became. In this love letter to her city’s resilience, Jemisin imagines New York’s boroughs as avatars, living human beings who must reunite to help the city overcome hatred and rise up stronger than before.


What Athens in Greece, stays in Greece . . .


It may be grey outside, but you’ll be basking in the sun and taking a cursory look over your shoulder reading Patricia Highsmith’s superb psychological thriller The Two Faces of January. This cat and mouse tail will catapult you from the sun-drunk shores of Crete to the cluttered streets of Paris and take your mind off the actual mouse that’s self isolating in your kitchen cupboard.


Pass a good time in New Orleans


The closest any of us will ever get to New Orleans is probably lying in crumb covered pyjamas, drooling at Jon Favreau eating beignets in Chef, but with Sarah M. Broom’s The Yellow House you can peek behind the curtain of mystery that veils one of America’s most mythologised cities in this moving non-fiction debut.



Let Venice steal a pizza your heart


It would appear that Johnny Depp is not the only tourist to have ever met an unfortunate end in Venice . . . Escape to the sumptuous streets and canals of a city steeped in history and intrigue in Philip Gwynne Jones’ The Venetian Gothic. 



London calling


Though it is cold, grey and the beaches along the Thames are essentially muddy banks, for some reason people still like to holiday in the Old Smoke. So if London is your top Easter escape then Linda Grant’s A Stranger City is the perfect read for you. It’s a brilliant novel about the London of today – a shifting, exciting, dangerous place where people search for the meaning of home – a journey we perhaps now all find ourselves on.



We’ll always have Paris


Dive into the streets of Paris this summer with Samira Ahmed’s Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know Best accompanied with a living room floor picnic, or crepes and French coffee (or failing that those packs of chocolate pancakes one of those viral iced coffees will do). On a trip spanning oceans and centuries, Samira takes you from Paris in the sun to the sandy dunes of the Ottoman Empire, with more than a smattering of art history that’ll satiate all those desires for the galleries and museums that have temporarily shut their doors.



Take self isolating a step too far . . .


Family driving you mad? Ready to get a flight to an island far, far away? Well, you’re in luck as Deborah Rodriguez’s Island on the Edge of the World will take you on a holiday to Haiti like no other. Step out into the bustling streets on Port-au-Prince and discover a country that may not boast wealth, but is rich in courage, strength and love.



Festivals might be cancelled, but Wilderness awaits


Anyone with any sense knows that the only things you’ll find in America’s remote motorways and national parks are serial killers and aliens and yet some of you still long to traverse those dangerous plains. In a tale that will perhaps lessen your longing for the outside world and remind you that not all road trips are a good idea, B. E. Jones’ Wilderness is the perfect suspenseful, psychological thriller to while away these sunny spring days from the safety of your living room.



I’d love to go on a Trip-oli


Trying to recreate a ‘sun, sand and sangria’ moment with a paddling pool, factor fifty and the mulled wine you found at the back of the cupboard is one way of coping. Another would be to dive into Virginia Baily’s The Fourth Shore which will take you on a breathtaking trip from Triplo to Rome, all set against the idyllic backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.



Time to get a Tan-gier


And finally, if you can handle the heat then it’s time to take off to Morocco to indulge in Christine Mangan’s Tangerine. To the sun-baked streets of Tangier we go, for murder and mystery! And you won’t even have to worry about sun cream.