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Love horror films? These books are for you

The turn of leaves may mean pumpkin spice and all things nice to some of us but to others it means time to get spooky! Little, Brown’s resident horror lover and Senior Marketing Manager, Aimee, is diving into the fright vault to pair some of the best (in her humble opinion) horror films with a fine selection of the spookiest literature out there. Essentially, if you like these films you’ll love these books.


First up a classic horror and one you can’t go wrong with to really help the nightmares roll in, it’s The Shining! Arguably Stephen King’s finest work, this traumatising story of Jack Torrance’s slow demise into a wild, blood-thirsty state is stunningly portrayed by Jack Nicholson. If you’re a fan of this much-loved story then you will love Doctor Sleep, which is the follow up to The Shining from Stephen King AND the Doctor Sleep film is coming this Halloween, which looks epic.


Name a scarier backdrop than 17th century New England? Salem is surely one of the spookiest places in the world and New England’s history sends shivers down most spines, which is why The Witch is one of the best horror films out there. It’s beautifully set and simple in its tale, which adds to its creepiness. If you loved this movie then you’re sure to be a fan of Waking the Witch by Kelly Armstrong. Set in a small town untouched by the 21st century, the daughter of a witch sets about to track down a murderer, but the killer is closer than she thinks…


Next up is one of the best traditional horror films out there, The Conjuring. The story follows two paranormal investigators in the seventies, investigating strange happens in a family’s farmhouse and two their daughters. The atmosphere set in this film is one of its greatest elements and if you love that you will love The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley. Gorgeously gothic and with a continual sense of unease, much like The Conjuring, this book will keep you up at night.


Finally, one of my favourite scary movies growing up was Sleepy Hollow, the gothic unease, a headless horseman and all the fog! What is better?  If you love this film, you’re sure to love all things gothic and mysterious and My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier is the perfect Halloween read for you. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Cornwall, Du Maurier’s classic builds the tension to a unbelievable crescendo.