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Joel Serra

Joel Serra Bevin, also known as Papa Serra Junior, was born in New Zealand and grew up in Tasmania. Even there, off the south coast of mainland Australia, Joel’s Spanish heritage found a way into his life, through his stomach, naturally. He passed eight years working as a suit and tie in Melbourne, while on the weekend he would run a supper club out of his apartment. He also enjoyed fifteen minutes of fame on Masterchef Australia. Realising he preferred cracking nuts to crunching numbers, Joel left life as a consultant and moved to Barcelona where it was a case of love at first bite. Joel’s passion for Spanish food and culture was inevitable – it was in his genes. Papa Serra, his Catalan great-grandfather was no chef, but inspired Joel to return in 2012 where he founded Papa Serra Culinary Adventures for the epicurean traveler, with whom he shared his intoxicating love for Spanish food and cooking. Having grown up in a multicultrual house, and country, Joel brings a fresh global approach to traditional Spanish dishes. Outside of the kitchen Joel spends his time outdoors and his cooking style naturally incorporates this healthy lifestyle. Not able to boast of even one tattoo, Joel lives clean and cooks clean but will happily admit that the kitchen raised him. He is obsessed with new flavour combinations, unusual preparations and creating magic for whoever else joins him around the table.
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