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Arthur Veno

ARTHUR VENO is widely regarded as one of the most controversial experts on bikers, as he works with both police and bikers. He is the author of The Brotherhoods: Inside the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, a registered psychologist and former Director of the Center for Police and Justice Studies at Monash University, Australia. He counts among his friends members of several major outlaw motorcycle clubs, including the Hell’s Angels, Bandidos and Gypsy Jokers. At the same time he has students, friends and colleagues who are serving police members in Canada, the USA and Australia. Once dubbed ‘the mad professor’ by bikers, he is now known simply as The Professor. KAREN SIMS has had a long-standing educational interest in understanding the outlaw motorcycle subculture dating back to 1985. Veno has dubbed her ‘the data hound’ because of her unique abilities to track down even the most obscure publications.
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