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Your Superstar Brain

Your Superstar Brain


‘A brilliant book’ – Dagbladet

Why does the brain work the way it does? Can eating certain foods improve your memory? Can you activate the parts of the brain you don’t use? Can you smile yourself to happiness? What is free will, and do we really possess it?

These big questions, and many more, are investigated to uncover all the secrets of your most wondrous, mysterious and irreplaceable organ. Your brain makes you who you are – it is the root of your personality and intelligence. It learns languages, creates memories and interprets complex patterns. But it is also responsible for your bad decisions and it rewards addictive behaviours.

In Your Superstar Brain, neuroscientist Dr Kaja Nordengen describes in mesmerising detail how the brain works – both how it’s physically constructed with neurones, synapses and the cerebral cortex, but also how it functions on a more abstract level – everything from what happens when we fall in love to where we find our sense of self.

Join Dr Kaja Nordengen on her fascinating journey through the many unexplored territories of the intricate human brain, and find out why your brain is truly a superstar.
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Genre: Mathematics & Science

On Sale: 6th June 2018

Price: £13.99

ISBN-13: 9780349417226


Nordengen draws on her own experiences and patient stories when she writes about such wide-ranging topics as memory, intelligence, communication, sexuality and dependence. There is a lot to take in, but the author's enthusiasm gives the text a momentum that takes the reader along for the ride
A brilliant book