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No Limit Texas Hold'em for Winners 3rd Edition

No Limit Texas Hold'em for Winners 3rd Edition

The poker revolution is complete. Once the preserve of shady characters gathered in backrooms, and basements, poker is now a mainstream pastime enjoyed by millions across the country, in home games, poker clubs, casinos and – of course – on the internet. Tournaments are televised nightly and celebrities are falling over each other to get a piece of the action. No-Limit Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular form of poker played today and this book – now in its revised, third edition – provides a comprehensive tutorial starting from square one. You will learn: – THE BASICS – rules, hand rankings, jargon and etiquette – PRINCIPLES OF PLAY – starting hands, when to bet, when to fold – POKER PSYCHOLOGY – playing styles, table image, tells and bluffs – THE MATHEMATICS – how to work the probabilities and odds – STRATEGY for online and face-to-face play – MANAGING YOUR MONEY & maximising your return – HOW TO BEAT THE CHEATS

Contents: Acknowledgements; Part 1 – Getting Started; Chapter One – Introduction; Chapter Two – Get started and learn the rules; Part II – No-limit hold’em strategy; Chapter 3 – Strategy overview; Chapter Four – The fundamentals of betting; Chapter Five – General playing considerations; Chapter Six – Pre-flop play; Chapter Seven – Playing the flop; Chapter Eight – Playing the turn; Chapter Nine – Playing the river; Chapter Ten – Deception; Chapter Eleven – Playing styles; Chapter Twelve – Poker psychology; Chapter Thirteen – Final thoughts on strategy; Part III – Online Poker; Chapter Fourteen – Getting started online; Chapter Fifteen – Strategy for online play; Part IV – Poker Variants; Chapter Sixteen – Poker variants explained; Chapter Seventeen – Poker tournaments; Part V – The Money: Making it and keeping it; Chapter Eighteen – Money management; Chapter Nineteen – Cheating; Chapter Twenty – Increasing your earnings; Part VI – Resources; Appendix A – Odds and probabilities; Appendix B – Expectation; Appendix C – Tables of odds; Appendix D – Further reading; Glossary; Online chat glossary; Index.
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On Sale: 10th January 2012

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