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Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug!

By Ed Emberley
Ed Emberley
Here comes Big Bad Bullybug! He's big, mean, and scary - and loves to pick on little itty bitty bugs. With the turn of each die-cut page, Bullybug gets bigger, meaner and scarier. But it's the itty bitty bugs who get the last laugh in this exciting new frighteningly-fun adventure!Caldecott award-winning author-artist Ed Emberley provides readers with another ingeniously crafted story that helps children face, and then chase away, their fears.
  • By Virtue Fall

    By Carrie Elks
    Carrie Elks
    A heartwarming Shakespeare Sisters romance from the bestselling author of Fix You.Love blooms when you least expect it . . .Juliet Shakespeare is done with love. With a growing floristry business and an adorable daughter to raise, life after separating from her husband is complicated enough.But when handsome single father, Ryan Sutherland, arrives in town, everything changes. As much as she tries to distract herself, Juliet can't help but be drawn to the easy-going Romeo next door and the way he makes her feel.Photographer Ryan is only back in his hometown for a few months so there's no point falling for someone he'll just have to say goodbye to. But he didn't account for Juliet - the intriguing and beautiful, red-haired woman next door. And in her, he might just have found everything he ever wanted . . .Now a *MUST READ* in the Daily Express*WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT CARRIE ELKS:'Fresh, fun, smart and authentic' Heat Magazine'An amazing romance that will captivate your imagination and warm your heart.' Mad About Books'If you're after a book to get lost in, to step inside a world of characters you will adore, then this is the book for you.' Whispering Stories Book Blog'I loved the characters, I loved the plot... and I loved the London and New York settings. It really was a marvellous read!' Leah Loves'An excellent novel.' Shaz's Book Blog'A sexy, addictive romance worthy of big screen triumphs.' Kraftireader'Perfect for a cold winter's afternoon.' Linda's Book Bag'A magical, festive love story' Susan Scott'A wonderful, captivating romantic story.' Chicklit Club'Will stay with me for quite some time to come . . . Simply a wonderful read.' A Spoonful of Happy EndingsFall in love with THE SHAKESPEARE SISTERS:Summer's LeaseA Winter's TaleAbsent in the SpringBy Virtue Fall
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    By The Rivers Of Babylon

    By Nelson DeMille
    Nelson DeMille
    They were forced to meet by the rivers of Babylon...In Israel, two Concorde jets take off for a UN conference that will finally bring peace to the Middle East. Covered by F-14 fighters, accompanied by security men, the planes carry warriors, pacifists, lovers, enemies, dignatories - and a bomb planted by a terrorist mastermind. Suddenly they're forced to crash-land at an ancient desert site. Here, with only a handful of weapons, the men and women of the peace mission must make a desperate stand against an army of crack Palestinian commandos - while the Israeli authorities desperately attempt a rescue bid.A story of compulsive excitement, rich in personal drama and political tension that must rank as one of the greatest of our times.
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    By the Rivers of Water

    By Erskine Clarke
    Erskine Clarke
    In early November 1834, an aristocratic young couple from Savannah and South Carolina sailed from New York and began a strange seventeen year odyssey in West Africa. Leighton and Jane Wilson sailed along what was for them an exotic coastline, visited cities and villages, and sometimes ventured up great rivers and followed ancient paths. Along the way they encountered not only many diverse landscapes, peoples, and cultures, but also many individuals on their own odysseys- including Paul Sansay, a former slave from Savannah Mworeh Mah, a brilliant Grebo leader, and his beautiful daughter, Mary Clealand, at Cape Palmas and King Glass and the wise and humorous Toko in Gabon. Leighton and Jane Wilson had freed their inherited slaves, and were to become the most influential American missionaries in West Africa during the first half of the nineteenth century. While Jane established schools, Leighton fought the international slave trade and the imperialism of colonization. He translated portions of the Bible into Grebo and Mpongwe and thereby helped to lay the foundation for the emergence of an indigenous African Christianity.The Wilsons returned to New York because of ill health, but their odyssey was not over. Living in the booming American metropolis, the Wilsons welcomed into their handsome home visitors from around the world as they worked for the rapidly expanding Protestant mission movement. As the Civil War approached, however, they heard the siren voice of their Southern homeland calling from deep within their memories. They sought to resist its seductions, but the call became more insistent and, finally, irresistible. In spite of their years of fighting slavery, they gave themselves to a history and a people committed to maintaining slavery and its deep oppression,both an act of deep love for a place and people, and the desertion of a moral vision.A sweeping transatlantic story of good intentions and bitter consequences, By the Rivers of Water reveals two distant worlds linked by deep faiths.

    By The Light Of The Glow-worm Lamp

    By Alberto Manguel
    Alberto Manguel
    From ancient Greece to the close of the second millennium, the keen scientific eye has been translated over and over into graceful and meaningful texts in which not only the world observed but the act of observation itself is set down for the common reader. By the Light of the Glow-Worm Lamp represents the best of the nature-writing genre in over three dozen works from the past three centuries.

    By Starlight

    By Dorothy Garlock
    Dorothy Garlock
    In early 1930s Montana, in the small town of Colton, Maddy Aldridge struggles to make ends meet in the difficult times of the Great Depression. With her mother long dead, her stubborn younger sister fighting her at every turn, and her father's arthritis deteriorating so badly that she has to run the family store alone, her desperation grows by the day. Enter Jeffers Grimm with a proposition too great for her to turn down: open an illegal speakeasy in the mercantile's basement, defy Prohibition, and make enough money to make her worries disappear. Unbeknownst to Maddy, Jeffers has made a deal with the mob to bring huge quantities of alcohol across the Canadian border and store it in the mercantile. He wants to get rich, regardless of who stands in his way.Jack Rucker is an agent for the Bureau of Prohibition, the federal police force created for the difficult task of enforcing the new law. Good at his job, Jack works undercover, infiltrating taverns all over the country, finding out where the booze flows from and putting people behind bars. Years earlier, he'd been a boy living in Colton, loving a young Maddy Aldridge. Now, after hearing rumors of an operation, the Bureau wants him to go back and hide in plain sight. With a pain-in-the-rump partner breathing down his neck, what will Jack do when he finds out what Maddy is up to? Because of how he left, can he and Maddy rekindle the love they once knew? If Jeffers discovers Jack is a federal agent, to what ends will he go to silence him forever?

    By Sea And By River

    By Bern Anderson
    Bern Anderson
    Less bloody and less known than the land campaigns of the Civil War, the naval battles,and especially the naval blockade of the South,were crucial factors in the outcome of the war. The spectacular battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack marked the debut of ironclads, a revolution in naval warfare. Ships supported McClellan's Peninsula Campaign and Grant's conquest of the Mississippi Valley. The raiding of the Confederate cruisers Sumter, Florida, and Alabama, Farragut's capture of the forts in Mobile Bay, and the interception of foreign ships on their way to trade with the South all led to the North's eventual triumph. Bern Anderson, a retired admiral, provides sketches of many of the leading characters in the action: Gideon Welles, David Farragut, Stephen Mallory, Andrew Foote, and the Confederate commander Raphael Semmes. Anderson delineates the new kind of war being born in the rivers and oceans of the U.S. during these years, in this first effective joint action by military and naval forces in American history.

    By His Own Rules

    By Bradley Graham
    Bradley Graham
    Once considered among the best and brightest of his generation, Donald Rumsfeld left office as the most controversial defence Secretary since Robert McNamara, widely criticized for his management of the Iraq war and for his difficult relationships with Congress, administration colleagues, and military officers. Was he really the arrogant, errant, controlling Pentagon leader frequently portrayed,or, a brilliant visionary caught in a whirl of polarized Washington politics, dysfunctional federal bureaucracy, and bad luck? Bradley Graham, a longtime Washington Post reporter who closely covered Rumsfeld's challenging tenure at the Pentagon, offers an insightful biography of a complex and immensely influential personality.

    By Heart

    By Hannah-Fleur Fitz-Gibbon
    Hannah-Fleur Fitz-Gibbon
    An intense and unsettling short tale of a man struggling to come to terms with loss, and the trickery and illusion of a mind gripped by grief, By Heart is a short story which will grip you right until the very end. To find out more about Emerald Street and sign up to their newsletters go to: find out more about Blackfriars and the books we publish, please go to:

    By Hand

    By Nicole Miyuki Santo
    Nicole Miyuki Santo
    In a world of screens and social media, people are constantly searching for ways to reconnect to the handmade and the authentic-to add a personal spark and a beautiful look to everyday objects and occasions. The art of modern lettering is a point of connection, a way of crafting letters and words into something that delights the eyes and feeds the soul. With unique projects and an Instagram-worthy aesthetic, By Hand provides an inspirational jumping-off point for readers who want to incorporate lettering into a slower, more intentional lifestyle.Blending the aspirational and the instructional, By Hand brings the beauty of lettering beyond the page, through 30 distinct projects, from dip-dyed place cards to acrylic home furnishings. Relatable lessons introduce readers to the essentials of lettering, including tools (watercolor brushes, brush pens, and markers), fonts, and essential lessons, with the warm and welcoming approach of popular Instagram letterer Nicole Miyuki Santo. Encouraging lessons sprinkled throughout the book add a touch of mindfulness, while bright, airy photography and step-by-step lettered samples make this lovely volume a stunning approach to an on-trend pastime.
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    By Grace and Banners Fallen - the Prologue to A Memory of Light

    By Robert Jordan
    Robert Jordan
  • By Eminent Domain

    By Richard Sapir, Warren Murphy
    Richard Sapir, Warren Murphy
    Those crazy Kremlin guys are at it again . . .Things are changing for the super-secret organisation known as CURE. Dr. Harold Smith has a protege, Remo is thinking about apprentice shopping and Chiun is fantasising about his retirement from the headaches of the job (i.e. REMO). Yet the world still has big trouble to dish out for the master assassins - and this time it's a real doozy.Somebody's given America an eviction notice in Alaska - in the form of mass murder. Pipeline workers and dozens of U.S. troops are being slaughtered by a mysterious "ghost force" of silent killers. Remo and Chiun recognise the techniques - a bargain brand of Sinaju, which poses an alarming question - who has trained an army of die-hard Soviet troops in the ancient, secret art of the master assassins?Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.

    By Any Means

    By Charley Boorman
    Charley Boorman
    Bikes have always been Charley's first love, but he also enjoys a challenge. So when the chance comes to travel across three continents 'by any means', he jumps right in.Grabbing whatever local transport he can get his hands on, Charley travels from his home town in County Wicklow all the way to Australia - a trip of over 20,000 miles through twenty-five countries. Testing Charley's skills and stamina to the limit, this new journey offers him a unique opportunity to meet people and learn firsthand all about their countries. He drives a lorry through northern Iran, rides a tuk-tuk through the chaotic and colourful city of Varanasi, and becomes the first person ever to wakeboard across the Malay/Singapore border. He sets up his own bus service in Turkey, takes a slow boat down the Mekong, and a very fast one through Borneo to deliver vaccines for UNICEF. And of course he jumps on a bike whenever he can, even if there's a monsoon on the way . . .
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  • By Any Means

    By Chris Culver
    Chris Culver
    At the end of a particularly gruelling summer day, Ash Rashid is heading home to his wife and kids when he discovers a pair of bodies, shot execution style, in the front seat of a crashed vehicle. As the first officer on the scene, Ash finds himself and his department twenty minutes behind a killer in a race where every second counts. With two victims down and a third unaccounted for, the clock is ticking and Ash must find the killer before he strikes again.
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    Buying And Selling A Business

    By Jo Haigh
    Jo Haigh
    For many the dream of owning their own business remains just that. Even if you have a great idea, the work and money involved in building a business from the ground up can prove too daunting. What few aspiring entrepreneurs realise is that buying an already existing business can be far easier, sometimes possible with little or no money at all, and can be just as satisfying a route to self-sufficiency. In easy-to-follow language, Buying and Selling a Business takes you through the entire process, from identifying your target business and assembling the right team to help you, to valuation, agreeing terms and finding the necessary finance. Just as importantly, Haigh helps you ensure your deal is the right deal for you, offering advice on running the business you buy and implementing proper exit strategies from the start. With valuable appendices containing typical documentation, and how to read them, Jo Haigh's book is a one-stop resource to closing the deal and transforming your life.
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    Buying A Property In Morocco

    By Leaonne Hall
    Leaonne Hall
    Earmarked as the next Dubai and regarded as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Morocco's exotic appeal and sky-high returns is resulting in a number of buyers flocking to its African shores. In this book, Leaonne Hall reveals how you can make a safe and successful investment in Morocco. With the investor, holiday homebuyer and relocator in mind, this book covers everything from where, what and how to buy, to how to live and work in Morocco and how to take the a culture shock in your stride.It includes: a complete guide to Morocco, its culture, customs, history, geography, economy and food; an overview of the types of property available, from riads and rural homes to apartments and newly built developments; a detailed look at the process of finding and buying your property, with a step-by-step guide to the purchasing, financial and taxation systems; how to buy and renovate in Morocco and details on dealing with the red tape and bureaucracy; and, a look at the relocating process and what it's like to live in Morocco, from daily life and the cost of living, to retirement, education and healthcare.Contents: Acknowledgements; Preface; Country fact file; 1. Introduction to Morocco; 2. Where to buy in Morocco; 3. What to buy in Morocco; 4. Finding a home; 5. Finance and taxation; 6. The buying process; 7. Letting your property; 8. Building and renovating; 9. Relocating yourself and your family; 10. Living in Morocco; Appendices; Index

    Buying and Running a Guesthouse or Small Hotel 2nd Edition

    By Dan Marshall
    Dan Marshall
    This book will lead you through the entire process and help you with all the decisions you'll need to make along the way, such as researching your market; setting your objectives and making a plan; finding the right property; cooking and menu planning; dealing with reservations, reception and billing; purchasing and serving delicious food and wine; managing your cash flow and accounts; and creating the WOW factor.Contents: 1. Substantiating the Dream; 2. Which Property and Which Business Format?; 3. Getting Started; 4. Setting Your Standard;5. Reservations and Reception; 6. Food and Beverage; 7. Housekeeping Issues; 8. Marketing and Advertising; 9. Bookkeeping and Financial Aspects; 10. Ancillary Departments; 11.Staffing; Appendix; Index
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    Buying a Home

    By Paul Jager, Sue Lehmann
    Paul Jager, Sue Lehmann
    Helps buyers to: Navigate the property maze like an expert. Successfully negotiate the purchase. Organise the mortgage and solicitor. Avoid the pitfalls others make. Confidently resolve common problems. Helps sellers to: Choose the right estate agent. Prepare the property for marketing. Evaluate the all-important offers. Prevent a chain from breaking. Take control of the sale through to its successful conclusion.
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    Buying A Property In France 2e

    By Clive Kristen
    Clive Kristen
    Completely revised and updated with new material, this second edition provides detailed information on purchasing property in France, with specific information on different regions of France and types of property.Contents: 1. Why France? 2. Where and what to buy; 3. Renting a property and timeshare; 4. Settling in France; 5. Financial matters; 6. The purchase process; 7. Building or buying a property under construction; 8. Your property as a gite business; 9. Setting up a business in France; 10. Business taxation and insurance in France; 11. The internet

    Buying A Business & Making It Work

    By Mark Blayney
    Mark Blayney
    Buying a business is not just a case of doing a deal, however involved and pressurised that might feel at the time. You buy to become the owner of a successful business that achieves your personal and professional objectives. This book takes you on a programme of five phases that will help you to achieve those objectives. 1 The planning phase 2 The search phase 3 Approaching and screening - narrowing your search down and making contact with the current owners. 4 Negotiating and checking - the phase that usually leads to doing the deal 5 Making the business work so that it will provide you with the future income stream, the lifestyle or the security you are seeking, or the increased market share you want for your present business.Contents: PHASE 1 THE PLANNING PROCESS; 1 Deciding you want to buy; 2 Deciding what to buy; 3 Beginning your planning and appointing advisers; PHASE 2 THE SEARCH PROCESS; 4 Starting your search; 5 Finding a business to buy; PHASE 3 APPROACHING AND SCREENING; 6 Before you approach; 7 Approaching the business; 8 What is it worth?; 9 Valuation techniques; 10 Financing the deal; PHASE 4 NEGOTIATING THE PURCHASE; 11 Negotiating the price; 12 Due diligence; 13 Financial due diligence; 14 Commercial due diligence; 15 The sales contract and completion; 16 Trouble with the taxman; PHASE 5 MAKING IT WORK; 17 Taking control; 18 Financial management; 19 Buying a business to turnaround