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The Cancer Revolution

By Leigh Erin Connealy
Leigh Erin Connealy
Integrative health pioneer offers her groundbreaking approach to treating (and preventing) cancer, based on 6 Revolutionary Findings, with a practical program and strategies. When it comes to cancer, conventional doctors are trained to treat their patients exclusively with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. These methods are grueling on the whole body--and they don't treat beyond the tumor or the cancer itself. The focus is on the disease, not the whole person--and because of this, the outcomes in conventional medicine can be bleak.But it doesn't have to be this way. Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy has developed a whole-person approach to treating cancer--and these treatments have helped thousands of patients through her Cancer Center for Healing. In The Cancer Revolution, Dr. Connealy shows you how to get to the root causes of cancer and the practical steps you can take to get back on the path to healing--from balancing your body's chemistry with nutritional supplements, following a healthy food plan, detoxifying your body and home, exercising regularly, getting deep restful sleep every night, practicing stress reduction techniques, and putting together a supportive healing team.Chemotherapy and radiation have their place in treatment, but in many cases, they are simply not enough, because cancer isn't caused by one thing, but by many different factors. All of these causes must be addressed, not just the tumor. The Cancer Revolution will equip you to make impactful, achievable lifestyle choices that fight the root of the disease, and that offer hope for recovery and a cancer-free life.

Clinton Street Baking Company Cookbook

By Dede Lahman, Neil Kleinberg
Dede Lahman, Neil Kleinberg
In a city where brunch is a near-religious experience, the Clinton Street Baking Company and Restaurant is arguably the Holy Grail - a dining experience so fulfilling that people wait hours on weekend mornings for a chance to savour their fresh baked goods, hearty omelettes, sugar-cured bacon and house-made buttermilk biscuits and tomato jam. In the CLINTON ST. BAKING COMPANY COOKBOOK, owners DeDe Lahman and Neil Kleinberg offer more than 100 recipes, including a variety of muffins and scones, their secret pancake recipe, delicious soups and sandwiches, and decadent desserts. Helpful techniques, like Neil's patented omelette 'flip and tuck' will have readers cooking like a pro in no time.

Cheating Death

By Sanjay Gupta
Sanjay Gupta
A 12-week old unborn baby with a fatal heart defect; a skier drowned for an hour in a frozen Norwegian lake; a comatose brain surgery victim; a teenager with 4 rapidly expanding brain tumors. Prognosis? 20 years ago all would have been left for dead, with no hope for survival. However, incredible new advances in human survival have now changed that and each of these would-be fatalities is not only alive but leading a healthy, productive life today. This book chronicles the emerging science behind these medical miracles, made possible by a new breed of doctors who refuse to accept that any life is "lost" and the almost daily scientific breakthroughs in the field. Drawing on the case files in the rapidly evolving science of survival and his unprecedented access to breaking news in this field from around the globe, Dr. Gupta explains the latest technological developments that are changing our understanding of the human body's own survival capabilities and our definition of the very boundaries of the beginning and end of human life. Dr. Gupta not only shares these deeply personal stories of triumph but insights into the remarkable discoveries that are making them possible.

Cooking Green

By Kate Heyhoe
Kate Heyhoe
Choosing local, organic foods benefits your health and the planet's. But how you cook is as important as what you cook: cooking itself is an under-reported yet substantial greenhouse gas creator. Now, Kate Heyhoe shows you how to think like an environmentalist in the kitchen. Without changing your politics or completely disrupting your routine, you can reduce your impact on the planet by rethinking how you cook, shop, and consume food. Using your favourite recipes, you can bake, broil, and grill in greener ways, saving fossil fuels and shrinking your cookprint."

The Change Before The Change

By Laura E. Corio, Linda G. Kahn
Laura E. Corio, Linda G. Kahn
The Change Before The Change outlines the symptoms of the perimenopause, the change that precedes the menopause by up to ten years, and often remains undiagnosed by doctors. Characterised by irregular periods, mood swings, irritability, stubborn extra pounds you can't shift, hot flushes and insomnia, this change may be causing millions of women in the prime of life to worry, simply because they do not understand what is happening to their bodies. Dr Laura Corio explains why this subtle hormonal shift occurs, how to get your symptoms under control and the impact of stress and diet. This accessible and sympathetic book: Offers advice on safe and natural hormonal treatment before menopause. Outlines effective available alternative therapies including herbs and soy and what supplements you should be taking. Explains how perimenopause affects fertility - and what to do if you want to get pregnant. Describes what to do now to protect your breasts, uterus, bones and heart in the years to come. Shows ways to combat cancer fears - and which tests you absolutely must have. Draws on numerous case studies of women undergoing this change

The Cobbler Crusade

By Irene Ritter
Irene Ritter
A variety of savoury and sweet ideas for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner.