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Everybody Is Awful: (Except You!)

By Jim Florentine
Jim Florentine
Twitter Trolls. Facebook Freaks. Instagram Exhibitionists. These are just a few of the creatures our technology-obsessed culture has spawned in its quest to simplify our lives. The madness is so universal now that everyone has dealt with it. You login to Facebook, read a stupid post, and immediately want to tell your "friend" to go have relations with himself. Sure, social media may keep us connected, but it is a breeding ground for idiots, and these idiots have crowd-sourced a storm of useless information, corny jokes, and douchebag drama that's wasting our time and screwing with our peace of mind.Thankfully, popular comedian and television host Jim Florentine has a solution for those of us on the verge of bashing our iPhones to bits. In Everybody Is Awful, Florentine attacks awful people and awful situations with the same biting satire and cringe-worthy humor that made him famous on television shows like Crank Yankers, Meet the Creeps, and That Metal Show.Along the way, Everybody Is Awful takes readers through the author's formative years, a time filled with rebellion and horrible behavior, to the crazy early days of his career as a stand-up comedian. Florentine also recounts how he developed an obsession with pranks that morphed into his uniquely vigilante style of comedy and made him one of the most legendary prank callers of all time.Florentine excels at channeling the core rage we all feel at the seemingly small annoyances of life and his fans love the cathartic experience hidden within his hilarious ranting and raving, a tradition continued in Everybody Is Awful. Acting as a de facto therapist, Florentine diagnoses awful behavior, shames awful people, and offers comedic takes on how to reclaim our lives from it all.
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Easy as Pi

By Liz Strachan
Liz Strachan
If you're brilliant at everything else, but lack confidence when it comes to maths, join Liz Strachan, a maths teacher with many, many years of experience, on this magical tour through the seeming mysteries of numbers, algebra and geometry.In the same inimitable, entertaining way she did in her previous bestselling books, A Slice of Pi and Numbers Are Forever, Liz will take readers from number-phobics to mathematical know-it-alls in no time at all. Peppered with absolutely terrible maths jokes and quirkily illustrated by Steven Appleby, this light-hearted but informative book will appeal to anyone with an enquiring mind.
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By Running Press
Running Press
People of all ages love emoji. This officially-licensed kit includes a 56-page book and 50 magnets of the most widely used and popular emoji so you can create fun messages on the fridge or any magnetic surface!
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By Mark Leigh
Mark Leigh
What's wrong with Europe?Ignoring the fact that the EU is a grotesque, officious money sucking totalitarian machine that devours national sovereignty and pukes out unwanted, unwelcome and intrusive legislation, there's a whole variety of other reasons including:Shops that open at 10am and close at 4pm - with a two-hour lunch break in between.Oompah bands.Restaurant staff with the manners of a gibbon and the sense of urgency of a sloth.Parisians.Police forces who are the bastard offspring of the Gestapo and the Stasi.The whole concept of 'mañana.'National costumes that are as preposterous as they are pointless. Polish spelling.Drivers who view speed limits as targets rather than warnings.Yodelling.Bouzouki music. Street signs that are a homage to small typography rather than an actual guide to your location.Donkey abuse.Women who act under the misguided idea that armpit hair is remotely sexy.The 24hr clock.Using a comma as a decimal point.Father Abraham and the Smurfs.Eurodisco.Eurozone.Eurotrash.Eurovision.Anything else preceded by the word 'Euro' (apart from Euro sceptic).The Cheeky Girls. This is less of a guidebook and more of a warning...
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The Education of Hyman Kaplan

By Leo Rosten
Leo Rosten
Leo Rosten wrote his first tale of Hyman Kaplan when he was 24 and it was published to great applause by the "New Yorker". Over the next two years the magazine ran all 15 of the original stories that were eventually published in 1937 as "The Education of Hyman Kaplan".
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