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Doing Business In The New Iraq

By Donna Marsh
Donna Marsh
Iraq, with its educated, sophisticated and relatively wealthy population, has been effectively off limits to most outsiders for the past 30 years. However, with the scaling down of violent activity and the establishment of a new, albeit fragile government, many multinational companies are giving serious consideration to setting up a presence in this market. This book provides cultural and business intelligence for all organisations who are considering doing business in Iraq. All of the practical issues of working in this exciting yet challenging environment are addressed, from safety issues to establishing reliable business partners, and including thoughts about the future. It includes: - A brief overview of Iraq - geography, demographics, structure, economy,weather - Religious demographics in Iraq, and their effect on business and other practicalities - Travelling to Iraq - practical and regional considerations - How to communicate effectively in Iraq - Getting down to business and achieving business goals - The impact of globalisation in Iraq and throughout the greater Middle East.Introduction; 1. The republic of Iraq; 2. Religion and business; 3. Assessing safety and risk; 4. Preparations for travelling to Iraqi Kurdistan; 5. Preparations for travelling to the Republic of Iraq; 6. Preparation for doing business in Iraq; 7. Business etiquette and taboos; 8. Communicating in Iraq; 9. Ready for business; 10. Achieving business goals; 11. The next steps; 12. The future; 13. Managing culture shock; Basic Arabic and Kurdish courtesies, words and phrases; Website; Index; About the author.
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