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The Queen

By Hugh Hewitt
Hugh Hewitt
In THE QUEEN, Hugh Hewitt channels his inner James Carville to fully outline - and expose - the massive strengths and enormous weaknesses of Hillary Rodham Clinton.Many reporters have tried to detail Hillary's achievements, predict her actions, or psychoanalyse her contradictions. Hewitt simply takes her as she is - the most ambitious woman in American history - and lays out what is ahead for her second campaign for the presidency, and predicts the way she would deal with the world should she triumph. If by reading this Hewitt gives pause to potential Clinton voters, he will be a happy man. If Hillary triumphs, consider the book the timeliest warning ever delivered.
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A Quiet Revolution

By Jimmy Carter, Mary Elizabeth King
Jimmy Carter, Mary Elizabeth King
In A Quiet Revolution, renowned civil rights activist Mary Elizabeth King questions the prevailing wisdom that the first Palestinian Intifada was defined by violence. She argues that initially, the uprising was characterized by a massive nonviolent social mobilization, rooted in popular committees often steered by women. These committees adopted strategies that began to lead to political results , among them the beginnings of a negotiated settlement. King traces the tragic movement away from peaceful protest following the killing of four Palestinian labourers in Gaza, and charts the PLOs increasing contempt for nonviolent struggle. She details the complicity of the media in this escalation of violence , TV crews would not cover peaceful protests, but Palestinian boys throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers would attract foreign cameras. King draws upon the history of non-violent movements and argues that only through nonviolent strategies can a negotiated peace be achieved with Israel. King believes that the residual knowledge of the power of nonviolent resistance from the first Intifada will provide the bedrock upon which to build this eventual, lasting peace.