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By Janet Mary Tomson
Janet Mary Tomson
'If Esmee Jackson had learned one lesson in life, it was to keep away from men.'Esmee is beautiful and exotic, the illegitimate daughter of a slave and a slave trader. As she grows into a striking young women, men are haunted by her loveliness.Her father, Captain Jeremiah Jackson, plans to sell Esmee, just as Esmee's mother was sold. But when Samuel Rushworth glimpses Esmee, it is clear that the course of both their lives will be altered dramatically. A novel of romance, action and hope, EDEN is Janet Mary Tomson at her very best.
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Echoes and Shadows

By Judy Gardiner
Judy Gardiner
When Lizzie Hinton discovers that her great-grandmother Bessie was hanged as a ringleader of the Ely bread riots, sinister shadows start to creep into her life. From Lizzie's humble beginnings in Norfolk to her artistocratic marriage, she finds happiness and despair as Bessie Hinton's curse echoes through the generations.A moving tale that sweeps from the last decades of Victoria's reign to the eve of the Second World War.Discover Piatkus Entice: temptation at your fingertips -
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Echoes Of The Past

By Jessica Blair
Jessica Blair
Recently widowed, Katherine Chambers takes her young son to visit her husband's family when disaster strikes. The ship they are sailing on runs into a severe storm off Robin Hood's Bay on the Yorkshire Coast. Among the bodies on the beach, a survivor is found. Identified as Katherine from the engraving on the bracelet she wears on her wrist, she has no knowledge of who she is or where she is from. Dr Bennett, the local doctor in Robin Hood's Bay, is called in but though he can treat Katherine's cuts and physical ailments, there is little he can do to heal the gaps in her memory. Determined to save Katherine from being placed in an institution, he asks his spinster sister to take care of her until her family can be traced. But jealous of her brother's interest in Katherine, Amelia Bennett takes a cruel pleasure in her predicament. Until Katherine can remember her past, her future is far from certain . . .
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The Edinburgh Bride

By Anne Douglas
Anne Douglas
Maeve O'Donovan has arrived in Edinburgh from County Cork, trying to forget her unrequited love for the man who has since married her cousin. However, life in a strange city is at first difficult and Maeve is shocked when she encounters prejudice against her Irish roots. When she loses her job as a maid, she is delighted to find a job as an assistant in the wardrobe department of the Queen's Theatre. It's a new and exciting world for Maeve - not least because she finds herself attracted to the brooding Harry Alpin, a theatre lighting man who harbours a desire to act. However, will his prejudiced family ever to be willing to accept an Irish girl as Harry's bride?
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