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The Virago Book Of Erotic Myths And Legends

By Shahrukh Husain
Shahrukh Husain
Uncovering a wealth of lore from diverse cultures around the world, Shahrukh Husain has gathered together an anthology that will delight and entice. Through subtle reworking, these erotic tales are given new expression whilst remaining faithful to the original texts.From the rapturous sexual awakening of Inanna and the bitter-sweet passion of Krishna and Radha, to Hera's deceit of Zeus in order to reassert her sexual power and bring back excitement to her troubled marriage, this collection of sexual encounters ranges from the holy, passionate, and dutiful to the forbidden, earthy and humorous.
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Virgin, Doubt & Pussy and Mouse

By Tobsha Learner
Tobsha Learner
VIRGIN: A disillusioned young nun goes to a Greek island to renew her faith. In a parade she touches a holy relic: the withered nipple of a saint.This propels her into an supernatural and erotic odyssey of emotional and sexual fulfilment. DOUBT: A famous cuckolded conductor on tour sweats his self-doubt out in a sexual fantasy of submission and naughty schoolgirls, until he is awoken by strange sounds in next hotel room next door. PUSSY & MOUSE: Cassandra is an overweight telesales rep who lives a whole sexual fantasy life through her avatar, who is a famous porn star on Second Life. She is convinced all her desires are fulfilled until real life beckons.Three tales from Tobsha Learner's sensuous trilogy of erotica: Yearn, Quiver and Tremble.