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By Pynk
Miki, Valencia, Teela Raye, and Brandi have something in common...they are all addicted to sex. Brought together by Sexaholics Anonymous, the women try to recover from their addictions to wild, spontaneous, and even sometimes, dangerous sex. From whips and chains, to sex in public places, these women have done it all! Led by Dr. Rachel Cummings, each woman is coaxed into sharing her biggest sexual act with the small group as a necessary first step to a full recovery. Sexaholics takes readers through each of the women's experiences as they walk the long road to sucess.


By HoneyB
Nick and Natalie are two lovers whose sexual lives are more than above average, but they are both competing for the same CEO position in the firm that they work for. Justin Flint has the power to persuade the Board of Directors. He is bisexual and attracted to both Nick and Natalie, but he doesn't know that they are lovers. After secretly sleeping with both of them, Justin announces his decision. Natalie has got the position in Paris. Nick is furious because he has sacrificed his sexuality and his manhood for this position. Natalie is now torn between the love of her life and her dream job. She chooses to move to Paris. Although she is in Paris, she is miserable without Nick, so she creates a position for an assistant so that he will come to Paris also. Will Nick follow her? Will past skeletons come back to haunt her and Nick?