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Evil Companions (Modern Erotic Classics)

By D.M. Perkins
D.M. Perkins
We had gotten aboard a roller coaster, and it was a race for our lives, on a one-way track . . .In New York City during the heady, tumultuous years of the 1960s, a young couple meet. Together they embark on a dark erotic journey into forbidden sexuality - travelling on an incandescent road to nowhere in their tragic fall from grace. Scorching and poignant, and banned upon its first publication in England, Evil Companions is a masterpiece of contemporary erotica. 'Evil Companions is a meticulous miracle of language and observation . . . A dark jewel on the erotic landscape.' Samuel R. Delany
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Erotic Interludes

By Lonnie Barbach
Lonnie Barbach
Today, erotic writing is no longer a male prerogative. Now, women are celebrating their own sensuality through a variety of forms, including erotic fiction. Here are twenty-one pieces from women writers aged between twenty-three and fifty-eight, exploring every aspect of female sexual experience - married and single, lesbian and heterosexual. With insight, with humour, with outright eroticism they reaffirm every woman's right to the pleasures and adventures of sex.
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Exit To Eden

By Anne Rampling
Anne Rampling
Welcome to the club: it's there to satisfy your deepest desires - if you can afford to indulge them. Mysterious, elegant, sparkling in the Caribbean sun, pulsating in the velvet nights: the lights never go out, the champagne never stops flowing and the rich and beautiful play tantalizing games of dominance and submission in a thousand satin-lined bedrooms. This is Eden, where the lash of desire meets the silken bonds of love.Lisa is the Perfectionist, the mastermind, mistress of the exquisite subtleties of the bound and the free.Elliott is the Client, burned-out, reckless to explore the uncharted waters of the forbidden.In their explosive meeting, as the thin line between pain and pleasure, lust and love begins to blur, they discover the most dangerous secret of all - that Eden is the state of the heart and the mind where the age-old power of innocence and love can still be recaptured.
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