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Garnet Fair

By Janet Mary Tomson
Janet Mary Tomson
Lizzie Galpine has long had her heart set on Will Gosden, a local stone mason. When Will holds Lizzie close, it feels as though nothing in the world could possibly come between them.However a visit to Mardi Appleby, a gypsy girl and fortune-teller, throws Lizzie's plans of marriage to Will into disarray. Surely Mardi is wrong about Lizzie marrying a man whose name begins with S?When Mardi realises that the two girls are destined to love the same man, fate turns against Lizzie and she must face an uncertain future.
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Ginny Appleyard

By Elizabeth Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey
When Ginny Appleyard's childhood sweetheart returns home after his racing season aboard the yacht Aurora, her hopes that he is bringing her an engagement ring are shattered, as Nathan disembarks with Isobel Armitage; the daughter of Aurora's owner. Instead of the hoped-for proposal, Nathan tells Ginny that he is leaving their home town and following Isobel to London, to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist.Already distraught at the tragic death of her father, Ginny is devastated to hear that Nathan and Isobel are to be married and her heartache is compounded when she discovers that she is expecting Nathan's child. Forced by her mother to choose between a loveless marriage of convenience to the rough sailor Will Kesgrave, and the more sinister option of being 'put away', Ginny Appleyard's future is far from certain . . .
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Ginger Street

By Anne Douglas
Anne Douglas
The Millar family live next door to the Riettis on Ginger Street, a row of Victorian tenements on Edinburgh's south side but their circumstances couldn't be more different. Ruth Millar would like to stay on at school but her father's salary as a grocer's assistant is barely enough to put food on the table, let alone such luxuries as an education. By contrast the Riettis own the local corner shop and a little cafe at the end of Ginger Street. Yet despite the differences in their wealth and background this doesn't stop Ruth and her sister Sylvie becoming friends with the Rietti children, Marilena and Nicco. Ruth's father dreams of one day owning his own business. Meanwhile Ruth secretly dreams of Nicco Rietti. But not only is Nicco older, he is Italian and Catholic, three things which make him out of bounds for Ruth, especially with the threat of war on the horizon...
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