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The Language Imperative

By Suzette Haden Elgin
Suzette Haden Elgin
Many of us view language as a tool, a means by which to communicate our thoughts and emotions. But is there more to language than just "talk"? Can learning languages actually change the way you think? In The Language Imperative , best-selling author and linguistic scholar Suzette Haden Elgin examines the power of language to shape our lives. She confronts some of the most pressing issues parents and educators face today: Is it a good or bad idea for Americans to have command of more than one language? Should learning languages be a luxury for only the rich? Or should it be a goal of the public educational system as well? Based on solid science and filled with personal insights, The Language Imperative is required reading for anyone interested in how words shape our lives, both as individuals and as a nation.

Last Watch Of The Night

By Paul Monette
Paul Monette
Winner of the National Book Award for Becoming a Man, his candid and passionate account of growing up gay in a time of ignorance and bigotry, this third volume of Paul Monette's autobiographical writing brings together an eclectic collection of essays written under the shadow of AIDS. Meditative, philosophical, sometimes blisteringly angry, Paul Monette presents a simultaneously personal and universal vision of the struggle for freedom faced by gay and lesbian people in 1990s American, counteracting reference to his own illness with a unique perspective on literature, politics and religion. Varied yet focused, damning yet tender, Last Watch of the Night shines like a beacon of hope in a fog of intolerance - offering solace to those who think they're alone, raining down shame on those who would have them stay that way.