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Making Jellied Preserves From Garden and Hedgerow Fruit

By Caroline Pakenham
Caroline Pakenham
This book will show you how you can use the fruits and herbs you can grow in your garden, or the fruits that you can pick yourself from the hedgerows, to make into jars of delicious jelly preserves - quickly, easily, cheaply, and without fuss. It will enable even the true beginner to understand what to do, and feel confident and proud of their end product. The book includes full colour photos to help you recognise hedgerow fruits, plus numerous recipes for fruits that you can gather from spring to autumn or buy from further afield, including: - Gooseberry with perfumed wild Elderflower jelly - Crab apple jelly - Seville orange jelly - Sloe jelly - Plum and Rosemary jelly - Claret and Sage jelly - Garlic and herb jellies - Elizabethan Quince Cream - Spiced cranberry with roasted orange jelly. Also included are lots of ideas using your wonderful store of jellies in your cooking.Contents: Introduction; Acknowledgements; A Brief History of Jelling Making; Is Fruit Foraging Legal?; Assembling your Equipment; Choosing your Ingredients; How to Make Jelly; If Things Go Wrong; Spring Jelly Recipes; Summer Jelly Recipes; Autumn Jelly Recipes; Winter Jelly Recipes; Cooking with your Jellies - Some Traditional Recipes; About the Author; Index.

Maine Classics

By Barbara Fairchild, Clark Frasier, Mark Gaier, Rachel Forrest
Barbara Fairchild, Clark Frasier, Mark Gaier, Rachel Forrest
Maine food is about putting on a bib and getting messy with lobster in the summer. In the winter, it's about tossing brisket and potatoes in a pot on the back of the woodstove. Maine Classics brings the carefree spirit of those who work the land and sea to life. More than 150 simple, straightforward dishes are organized by the shore, the sea, the forest, the farm, the garden, the dairy, and the bakery. Celebrate Maine's bounty with recipes such as Ham with Fried Apples, Corn Fritters with Maple Syrup, Classic Lobster Rolls, and Pickled Fiddlehead Ferns. Stories of farmers, lobstermen, cheesemakers, and old-school bakers "infuse our cooking and inspire us to explore our own culinary legacies," say award-winning authors Mark and Clark. Chock-full of full-colour photographs, this cookbook is definitely a Maine classic.

Music, Food And Love

By Guo Yue, Clare Farrow
Guo Yue, Clare Farrow
Music, Food and Love conveys the vivid experiences of a boy with a passion for music and cooking who grew up in Beijing before and during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. For him, music and food are equally important. The youngest of six children, Guo Yue recalls his childhood at the heart of a close-knit family of musicians living beside a Beijing alley. He draws the reader into a world where music is everywhere - even in the rhythmic chopping sounds of the kitchen. We follow Yue as he explores Beijing, watching others and learning through imitation, until he finally leaves for the West. This beautifully-written and evocative memoir highlights how, despite poverty and repressed times, cooking family dishes was a life-affirming experience, symbolising freedom of expression. He shares with readers a few delicious traditional recipes which have been passed on in his family and among friends. These are based on a few simple ingredients, a natural approach to taste, colour and texture, and an innate love of good food.


By Karine Eliason, Madeline Westover, Nevada Harward
Karine Eliason, Madeline Westover, Nevada Harward
Make-A-Mix is really two cookbooks in one. The cookbook begins with 67 make-ahead shortcut mixes for everything from all-purpose cake mix to meatball mix. These can be made on a weekend-or whenever there's free time-and used to speed food preparation on busy days. The mixes are a key ingredient in one or more of the 306 recipes that follow. The kitchen-tested recipes run the gamut from breakfast dishes to after-dinner treats. They include hearty dinner entrees, like enchilada casserole, onion pot roast, and shrimp & vegetable stir-fry international fare like green chili burritos and quick chow mein soups and other appetizers, like New England clam chowder, and even freezer treats like fruit slush. With the Make-A-Mix method, home cooks can control the amount of sugar, salt, and preservatives in a recipe, and save money on store-bought mixes. This cookbook is the updated and expanded version of Make-A-Mix that sold over a million copies.

The Marshmallow Fluff Cookbook

By Justin Schwartz
Justin Schwartz
Marshmallow Fluff has been a sweet component of American pop culture since the 1920s, when two entrepreneurs began manufacturing the white confection in their kitchen by night and selling it door-to-door by day. With its familiar red lid and blue label, it's long been a favourite guilty pleasure and a kitchen staple beloved by people of all ages. In addition to all the favourite Fluff sauces, side dishes, cakes, pies, candy, shakes, and sandwiches, this collection of more than 100 recipes includes creations concocted by celebrity contributors Andy Schloss, Gale Gand, Carole Bloom, Sally Sampson, Carolyn Beth Weil, Dede Wilson, Lauren Chattman, Lora Brody, Tish Boyle, Nicole Kaplan, Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, Lee Zalben, Duane Winfield, Jonathan King and Jim Stott, and King Arthur Flour. Readers will discover there's a whole world beyond Fluffernutter sandwiches including delectable recipes like Never-Fail Fudge, Fluffy Crispie Treats, and Lynne's Cheesecake.


By Rita Rosenberg
Rita Rosenberg
Discover wild and cultivated mushrooms and the new choices now becoming available in supermarkets. Learn to use them in more than 125 delicious recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, side dishes, main dishes and sauces.