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Our 50-State Border Crisis

By Howard G. Buffett
Howard G. Buffett
Howard G. Buffett, the son of Warren Buffett, goes where many fear to tread. A New York Times bestselling author and a philanthropist widely recognized for his understanding of complex social problems, Buffett is also what Full Measure called "an unlikely soldier in the border war:" As a volunteer auxiliary deputy sheriff, he's seen first-hand the tragic impact of cheap Mexican heroin and other opiate cocktails that are turning Americans into addicts and drug mules, and killing us at record levels. In this book, Buffett offers his first-hand experiences with the impact of what he calls America's fifty-state border crisis as a sworn law enforcement officer and landowner along the Arizona and Texas borders with Mexico. Buffett's primary agenda: Making a case to strengthen America's defenses against the Mexican drug cartels who have grown astonishingly powerful by exploiting both the gaps in our expensive yet ineffective border security strategy, as well as the desperate people trying to find a safe haven in the U.S. What's ultimately at stake, he argues, is nothing less than supporting the rule of law in the western hemisphere. Buffett argues that our porous border has actually created a humanitarian crisis -- in America. Buffett's take is non-partisan, but pro-security. Buffett illuminates the roots of the problem in both Mexico and Central America's "Northern Triangle" countries where violence and lawlessness are rampant. Buffett argues for bi-partisan cooperation in rethinking how our border security is organized and managed today. While preventing large-scale terrorist attacks on the U.S. remains Job One, it's time to adapt our command structure and apply resources in a more realistic and effective way to fight the emergence of Mexican drug cartels. OUR FIFTY STATE BORDER CRISIS promises to be a startling, eye-opening perspective that will change the public conversation on border security.
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Obama's Legacy

By Michael I. Days
Michael I. Days
Evidence indicates President Barack Obama has been tremendously successful and effective by objective measures. On economic indicators alone, he is credited with the longest streak of job growth in U.S. history, a two-thirds reduction in the federal budget deficit, and the rebounding of the stock market to record highs following the record lows of the recession under his predecessor. His victories have come against a backdrop of criticism and sometimes open defiance from conservatives, lack of cooperation in Congress, and racially tinged commentary in traditional and social media. Through it all, the President who campaigned on a slogan of 'Yes, We Can!' has persevered in his determination to make a difference and left an indelible mark on American politics and the world. LEGACY is a commemoration of his eight years in the White House.

Our Separate Ways

By Dana H. Allin, Steven N Simon
Dana H. Allin, Steven N Simon
Anger and distrust have strained the U.S.-Israeli alliance as the Obama administration and Netanyahu government have clashed over Israeli settlements, convulsions in the Arab world, and negotiating with Iran. Our Separate Ways is an urgent examination of why the alliance has deteriorated and the dangers of its neglect.Powerful demographic, cultural, and strategic currents in Israel and the United States are driving the two countries apart. In America, the once-solid pro-Israel consensus is being corroded by partisan rancor, which also pits conservative Jews against the more liberal Jewish majority. In Israel, surveys of young Jewish citizens reveal a disdain for democracy, and, in some cases, a readiness to curb the civil liberties of non-Jews. Prospects for preserving a liberal Zionism against the pressures for Greater Israel" are dimming as hopes for a two-state solution fade.The acrimony between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a symptom, not cause, of the deeper crisis. If the alliance becomes just a transactional arrangement, then the moral, emotional, and largely intangible bonds that have long tied the two countries together will continue to weaken. Going separate ways at a time of Middle East chaos, and despite profound historical commitment, would be an immense tragedy. The partnership must restore the shared vision that created it.

On the Record

By Laurie Oakes
Laurie Oakes
Laurie Oakes has been writing about politics, power and politicians for over forty years. Time and time again he has broken the biggest stories because of what he knows and who he knows - and his unique ability to get people to tell him what is going on, orwill go on. The articles in this collection range from the Australia of the era of 'Black Jack' John McEwan, John Gorton, Billy McMahon and Gough Whitlam right through to the rise and fall of Kevin Rudd and the era of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. And they all have the trademark Laurie Oakes qualities of perception, clarity and great judgement.

One-Car Caravan

By Walter Shapiro
Walter Shapiro
By the time most Americans see the presidential candidates on the campaign trail, they are practiced performers surrounded by a platoon of staffers and a brigade of reporters. But on their initial forays into Iowa and New Hampshire in 2002 and early 2003, their entourages were decidedly unpresidential- just an aide or two, perhaps a local reporter, and the candidate himself. Their motorcades were literally one-car caravans their campaign stops, small gatherings in living rooms. The national media only intermittently follow the candidates as they struggle to define themselves, work out the kinks in their message and refine their personas. But Walter Shapiro did. One-Car Caravan is Shapiro's revealing account of the humble roots of the current presidential campaign, and he provides a telling picture of the 2004 Democratic contenders in their metaphorical boxers and briefs. He shows us John Kerry, Dick Gephardt, Joe Lieberman, John Edwards, Howard Dean, and the others with their hair down, their ties askew, and their foibles bared. It's not pretty to watch a candidate who dreams of flying on Air Force One bump his head on a luggage bin on a small commuter jet, but it can be pretty funny.