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Sugar Skull Origami

By Running Press
Running Press
A mashup of two big trends -- sugar skulls and origami -- this illustrated mini kit is the perfect gift for anyone who loves sugar skulls and paper crafts and provides step-by-step instructions for a variety of fun sugar skull designs and accessories.This kit includes: * 20 sheets of 5 ¾ x 5 ¾ papers in Day of the Dead colors* A pair of mini scissors* Full-color, 48-page book with illustrated instructions to make 5 sugar skull origami projects and 3 sugar skull kirigami designs
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By Nikki Van De Car
Nikki Van De Car
In today's fast-paced world we're all looking for a calm escape. SereKNITy: Peaceful Projects to Soothe and Inspire is a collection of more than twenty-five knitting and crochet projects, with one all-compassing theme: finding peace. The projects here are not complicated sweater patterns, but joyful, meditative fingerless gloves, granny squares, cowls, and dishcloths that encourage crafters to detach from the stress and anxiety of daily life. Peppered throughout with inspirational, intention-setting prompts and focused around three key themes-Color, Texture, and Structure-this book encourages knitters to be fully present in the moment. Fiber artist Nikki Van De Car gently guides readers to look inward as they think about the texture of the yarn and the way one color flows into the next, releasing their anxiety as they create something beautiful. This is meditative crafting of the very best kind.

Simple Times

By Amy Sedaris
Amy Sedaris
According to Amy Sedaris, it's often been said that ugly people craft and attractive people have sex. But in her new book SIMPLE TIMES she sets the record straight, doing for crafting what she did so brilliantly and successfully for entertaining in her bestseller I Like You. Demonstrating that crafting is one of life's more pleasurable and constructive leisure activities, Sedaris shows us that anyone with a couple of hours to kill and access to pipe cleaners can join the elite society of crafters. Readers will discover how to make popular crafts such as crab claw roach clips, tinfoil balls and crepe paper moccasins; where to look for inspiration (buy fruit and let it get old, what shapes does it turn into?); instructions for creating your very own craft room; and ways to avoid the most common crafting accidents (sawdust fires, feather asphyxia, pine cone lodged in throat); plus whole chapters full of crafting ideas (pompom ringworms!) that will inspire you to create your own hastily constructed obscure d'arts; and more of the brilliant recipes and ingenious ideas for hostessing and entertaining that she gave us in I Like You.
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