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Gallipoli 1915

By Joseph Murray, Malcolm Hamilton
Joseph Murray
Read by:
Malcolm Hamilton
The Gallipoli Campaign stands out as a landmark in the history of the First World War, and it was perhaps the most controversial action; it certainly ended in tragedy. Joseph Murray was among the 400,000 British and Commonwealth troops taking part, and he served as a naval rating turned soldier in Hood Battalion of the Royal Naval Division. Gallipoli 1915 is based on a diary he kept at the time and his later letters home.The Battle of Gallipoli was a war of nerves, largely played out underground in the tunnels constantly being built by either side. Joseph Murray's unflinching and compelling account gives us an insight into the daily life of a First World War soldier, as well as providing an eye-witness report of the horrors and tragedy of the conflict.
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By Raif Reuth
Raif Reuth
A biography of Goebbels, drawing on dramatic new material released from secret archives in former East Germany.
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