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1-2-3, You Love Me

By Jill Howarth
Jill Howarth
From one bear hug to twelve pretty red roses, 1-2-3, You Love Me will foster lots of hugs, kisses, and affection between parent and child while teaching young ones to count from one to twelve. With charming love-filled illustrations, sturdy pages, and clever rhyming text, this is the perfect gift for baby for Valentine's Day or any time of year. Sipping on yummy shakes, cuddling puppies, counting the colors in a rainbow, and making music with friends are all ways that children can express their love for their friends and family with Jill Howarth's delightful new board book.

10 Little Kisses

By Taylor Garland
Taylor Garland
This Valentine's Day, everyone from puppies to polar bears is saying "I love you!" Share hugs and kisses--and an easy counting lesson--with baby in this sing-along board book full of sweet animal photography.

10 Mindful Minutes: A journal

By Goldie Hawn
Goldie Hawn
Inspired by Goldie Hawn's lifelong interest in mindfulness - and her belief in the value of self-reflection - this guided journal will help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and how the practice of mindfulness can enhance your daily life.Whether you are new to mindfulness or have been meditating for many years, these prompts, questions and simple meditations will inspire you to focus on specific qualities - from gratitude or optimism to anger or fear - that can be enhanced or helped by a meditative practice. With practical exercises and guidance, thoughtful quotes and Goldie's own reflections, this book demonstrates how we can begin to move towards a more connected, more present, happier life.In this book, Goldie Hawn shows how a passion for mindfulness can take root in practical action. She gives you a chance to bring to mind and reflect on how simple acts of gratitude and kindness can be a form of quiet heroism, helping you to deal more wisely with your own pain, anger and sorrow, and to be more available for others. Follow her wise guidance, and you may find that everyday living becomes an exciting path of discovery, benefiting yourself and those with whom you share your life. - Mark Williams, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford and co-author of the bestselling Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

101 Things You Should Do Before Going to Heaven

By David Bordon, Tom Winters
David Bordon, Tom Winters
Are you living every day to the fullest? It can be hard to find fresh ways to explore the world, but now you have 101 reasons to look up from your phone and get busy living. With a range of creative suggestions including plain-and-simple fun ways to spend a day and inspirational ideas designed to help you get to know yourself--and God--better, you'll never have to be bored again. So get off the couch, expand your horizons, and begin to appreciate God's creation in ways you never imagined.

The 12 Days of Christmas

By Jill Howarth
Jill Howarth
Share the joy of the holiday season with the classic Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Readers will sing along with adorable woodland animals as they recount all the extravagant gifts they've received each day from their true loves.Featuring fun, retro-inspired illustrations on thick, sturdy pages, The 12 Days of Christmas is a must-have to complete any Christmas celebration year after year!

151 Things God Can't Do

By Maisie Sparks
Maisie Sparks
A delightful, one-of-a-kind book that reveals God's promises for each of us and inspires readers to reflect on the things God can't do. Think God can do anything? Think again. God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and limitless, but God is still incapable of many things despite these characteristics, things that are against His very nature. In this creative and uplifting book, 151 THINGS GOD CAN'T DO, readers will discover God's abilities and His incredible love for everyone. With this unique approach, Maisie Sparks explains to everyone that God can't deceive you, God can't be wrong, God can't allow evil to go unpunished, God can't leave you unfulfilled, God's love can't quit, and so much more! Moments in Scripture highlight each statement, encouraging people of faith to find relief and joy in the things God can't do.

The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor

By Wilma Carroll
Wilma Carroll
For centuries, the Tarot has been regarded as a powerful means of telling fortunes and predicting fates. Now, you too can learn the techniques and skills to read the Tarot - in just two hours! This easy-to-follow manual includes:* Spreads to answer those unfathomable love questions* Sample readings* Tips and troubleshooting for beginners* Worksheets* Interpreting card meanings quickly and much moreWhether you have a profound interest in the supernatural, wish to read cards professionally, or simply want to impress your friends at parties, The 2-hour Tarot Tutor is the first step toward experiencing the mystery, magic, and fun of the Tarot!

20 Ways To Make Every Day Better Study Guide

By Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer
Daily challenges can rob us of joy. But simply writing today off in hope of a better tomorrow only allows one terrible day to become many-and soon we're living a life far from what God has in mind for us. Starting now, we can make each moment count for the better. It's not about what's happening around us, it's about what He can do within us. Joyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, presents a study guide companion to 20 Ways to Make Every Day Better, filled with biblical illustrations, engaging exercises, and practical advice. This study guide will make it possible for readers to master the book's lessons and begin the life that they're meant to lead.

The 365 Most Important Bible Passages For You

By Jonathan Rogers, Dwight Clough, Beth Lueders
Jonathan Rogers, Dwight Clough, Beth Lueders
This year-long devotional is both unique and simple. It has never been done before! Features include:** More Scripture than simply a verse or two;** A comprehensive overview and accompanying medidation for each passage** Daily Scriptures that encourage readers to engage in and enjoy reading the Bible** Focus on the Bible passages that reveal the divine character of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; and** Insightful comments and applications to daily life.

The 365 Most Important Bible Passages For Mothers

By Karen Whiting
Karen Whiting
Targeting mothers this year-long devotional is unique and simple. Features include:* A comprehensive overview and accompanying meditation for each passage;* Focus on the Bible passages that reveal the divine character of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; and* Bible passages referring specifically to mothers and their children;* Insightful comments and applications to daily life.

The 365 Most Important Bible Passages For Women

By Sheila Cornea, Debbie Goodwin, Debbie Webb, Vicki J. Kuyper
Sheila Cornea, Debbie Goodwin, Debbie Webb, Vicki J. Kuyper
This year-long devotional is both unique and simple. Features include:** More Scripture throughout** A comprehensive overview and accompanying medidation for each passage** Daily Scriptures that encourage women to engage in and enjoy reading the Bible** Bible passages specifically targeted at women** Focus on the Bible passages that reveal the divine character of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in relation to godly womanhood, and** Insightful comments and applications to daily life.

365 Prayers for the Family

By Diane Law
Diane Law
In times of trial, we raise our voices to pray for support.; in times of joy, we long to find the words to give thanks. Gatherered here are prayers for every occasion, simple enough for the innocent child and profound enough to touch the maturest heart.

365 Steps to Practical Spirituality

By David Lawrence Preston
David Lawrence Preston
This book is aimed at anybody and everybody who is interested in spirituality - in general, and their own in particular. It employs the widest possible definition of spirituality - the non-physical aspects of existence and draws on most of the world's great religious, philosophical and spiritual traditions. It emphasises the 90 per cent on which all can agree. Practical spirituality is about self-knowledge, self-empowerment and searching for peace and contentment in a seemingly imperfect world. Through a mixture of insights, anecdotes, quotations, and practical activities, this book will help readers to understand what 'spirituality' means and how it differs from religion.Contents: About the author; 1. Your first steps to practical spirituality; Theme 1 The Intelligent Energy Which Permeates Everything; Theme 2 We Have a Spark of Creative Intelligence Within Us - It Is the Source of Our Spiritual Power; Theme 3 We Co-Create Our World By the Activity of Thinking; Theme 4 Prayer and Meditation Strengthen Our Connection to Creative Intelligence; Theme 5 Knowing Is Not Enough: Spirituality Must Be Lived; Theme 6 Feeling Good All the Time; The Breakthrough; A selection of inspiring further reading.