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  • Too Hard to Forget

    By Tessa Bailey
    Tessa Bailey
    Personal shopper to San Diego's elite and a celebrated pageant beauty, Peggy has been engaged four times in three years, calling off the wedding in a panic each time. And yes, she certainly did keep the rings, thank you very much. Her only request on this family road trip is to make a quick detour through Cincinnati. Just a quick stop at her alma matter to remind head football coach, Elliot Brooks, what he walked away from following one sweaty, desperate night her senior year.Coach Elliot Brooks has exactly one weakness--Peggy Clarkson--and she graduated three years ago, leaving him in peace to focus on winning championships. But when she saunters out onto his field, hotter than any memory, Elliot knows he's been fooling himself. Peggy will never leave his system, but the roots she planted will only grow deeper if he gives in to the temptation she embodies with every swish of her hips. What does a woman like her want with an uptight divorcee whose only failure consisted of being in a relationship? And what happens when his attempts to convince her they're doomed from the outset...finally work?
  • Temptation Bay

    By Anna Sullivan
    Anna Sullivan
    On Salvation Island, the townspeople are descended from the rogues and renegades - and their equally wily wives - who made their living from scavenging the wrecks of vessels lost at sea. But perhaps the biggest treasure is one that's been long hidden among them, surrounded by the mists and intrigues of the past....P.I. Dex Keegan has been hired to find Eugenia Stanhope's descendants and he won't rest until he's done just that. Eugenia was kidnapped as a child from her very wealthy and connected British family in the crime of the century and her descendants stand to inherit millions of dollars. It seems like an easy job, since you'd think the beneficiary would love to be found. But when Dex arrives on Salvation Island, piloted by the whip-smart and stunningly beautiful Maggie Solomon, he's in for a surprise. To the island residents, secrets are an art form and they'll do anything to protect their own...especially when they see the desire ignite between Dex and Maggie, one of the island's favorite daughters. As Dex uncovers one clue after another, all signs point to Maggie being Eugenia's descendant. But when strange little "accidents" put her in grave danger, Dex will do anything to keep Maggie safe, even put himself in harm's way, to save the woman he's come to love.

    Tempting the Billionaire

    By Jessica Lemmon
    Jessica Lemmon
    BUSINESS OR PLEASURE?Crickitt Day needs a job . . . any job! After her husband walks out on her, she's determined to re-build her life and establish a new career. When swoon-worthy billionaire Shane August hires her as his assistant, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. Despite her growing attraction to her boss, she vows to keep things strictly professional. No flirting. No kissing. Definitely no falling in love... Shane August is all business, all the time. He's a self-made man who's poured his heart and soul into his company and he'd never allow himself to get involved with an employee. Then he hires sweet, sexy Crickitt - and he can't keep his mind or his hands off her! But no matter how much he wants Crickitt, Shane fears that painful secrets from his past will always come between them. With fate working against them, can these two lonely hearts learn that sometimes mixing business with pleasure is the perfect merger?

    The Terminal State

    By Jeff Somers
    Jeff Somers
    Avery Cates is in better shape than ever with the top-class augments the army's fitted him with. Pity he's no more than a puppet then, because they've also got a remote that can fry his brain at any second. And now a corrupt colonel is selling his controls to the highest bidder. Avery has visions of escape and bloody revenge - until he realises just who's bought him. Because the highest bidder is Canny Orel himself, Avery's oldest enemy. And as the System slides into chaos, Canny wants Cates to do one last job. Avery just needs one chance to get back at the old gunner - but this time, it's Canny who's holding all the cards.
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