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Singling Out The Couples

By Stella Duffy
Stella Duffy
A princess, perfect in every way except one, arrives in London from a land of milk and honey and sets up home in a Notting Hill tower block. Her self-appointed mission - to break up couples in love. Men in love with women, men in love with men, and women in love with one another, in her beautiful hand she holds the ripe peach of love and deftly squeezes it dry. For what she lacks is a heart . . .
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The Second Virago Book Of Fairy Tales

By Angela Carter, Corinna Sargood
Angela Carter
Illustrated by:
Corinna Sargood
Such was the delight in Angela Carter's The Virago Book of Fairy Tales, that she compiled a second volume. And what a treasure trove it is, perfectly complemented by the bewitching drawings of Corinna Sargood, brimming with pretty maids and old crones, crafty women and bad girls, enchantresses and midwives, rascal aunts and odd sisters. Here is a fabulous celebration of strong minds, low cunning, black arts and dirty tricks as could only have been collected by the unique Angela Carter, who wrote in her introduction to the first book 'I offer them in a valedictory spirit, as a reminder of the contributions to literature of Mother Goods and her goslings'. The Second Virago Book of Fairy Tales is a wonderful gift to us all.